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New Nissan Sakura 2023, the city car that drove Japan crazy could arrive in Italy

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New Nissan Sakura 2023, the city car that drove Japan crazy could arrive in Italy

Kei cars, light vehicles, are causing a huge frenzy in Japan, and as a result Nissan and Mitsubishi also launched their respective offerings earlier this year Nissan Sakura and Mitsubishi eK X EV, finding themselves inundated with requests. Nissan Sakura recorded orders for 23,000 units, surpassing the number of all EVs sold by all companies in Japan last year, and two months later orders for the Nissan Sakura and Mitsubishi eK X EV reached 35,000 units.

Demand is so high that Nissan is unable to produce enough cars in the expected time frame to meet demand, so much so that it has announced on its Japanese website that it has temporarily stopped accepting new orders. A company spokesman said Nissan has stopped accepting orders for the Sakura as customers already have to wait over a year to get the car. Let’s find out the reasons for the success:

  • How the new Nissan Sakura 2023 amazes

  • Nissan Sakura 2023 also expected in Italy

How the new Nissan Sakura 2023 amazes

Nissan Sakura is distinguished by a design that conveys elegance and power, characterized by slim headlights, aluminum wheels and the availability of 15 colors, including four options inspired by the seasons of the year. The interior, despite the small size of the car, offers a space that is considered large and is available in black, beige and blue-gray shades, with copper-coloured seat upholstery. The handling and turning circle of 4.8 meters are praised by the automaker for enabling sharp maneuvers with ease.

Due to its size, the Sakura is ideal for everyday driving needs, such as commuting and shopping. The vehicle is equipped with the ProPILOT driver assistance system and the ProPILOT Park automatic parking system. Three driving modes are available: Eco, Standard and Sport, which offer optimal performance in different situations. Using the e-Pedal Step functionality, the driver can decelerate smoothly and steadily by releasing the accelerator pedal, an action which also allows the battery to be recharged through brake energy recovery. Moving on to the engine, Sakura is equipped with a 47 kW and 195 Nm torque powertrain, coupled with a lithium-ion battery pack that offers a range of 180 km (according to the WLTC cycle) and can supply electricity to a home for a whole day.

Nissan Sakura 2023 also expected in Italy

Sakura, the new mini electric vehicle from Nissan, was recently unveiled as an addition to the Japanese manufacturer’s range of battery-powered vehicles. The name, translated from Japanese, means “cherry blossom”. This vehicle promises comfort and affordable prices to promote the spread of sustainable mobility. The estimated price is around 13,000 euros. Currently, its marketing is expected only in Japan for the summer, but according to rumors, a possible entry into the Italian market in the future is not excluded, even with a different name.

Nissan did not specify when ordering will reopen, but has announced plans to increase production of kei electric vehicles dand 20% by 2023, reaching a total production of around 70,000 cars. Other manufacturers such as Suzuki Motor and Daihatsu Motor are also planning to launch their electric mini car models, encouraged by the high demand. Electrification of the kei car segment is critical to the transition to EVs nationwide in Japan and offers significant profit opportunities considering it currently accounts for 40% of new vehicle sales in the country.

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