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not just snacks and drinks, watch out for cereals. Women are the most affected

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not just snacks and drinks, watch out for cereals.  Women are the most affected

Definitely practical, potentially lethal. Consuming junk food increases the risk of cancer: this is revealed by research published in the journal eClinicalMedicine and conducted by researchers at the Imperial’s School of Public Health in London. In the category of “junk food” they fall all industrial food products such as packaged snacks, convenience foods (frozen or freeze-dried ready meals), drinks but also almost all breakfast cereals. The study was carried out in collaboration with the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the University of São Paulo and the NOVA University of Lisbon.

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Junk food passed off as healthy

Industrial foods, also called ultra-processed or ultra-processed, are often low cost, convenient and widely distributed, often even advertised as healthy foods (for example, ready-made soups or fish sticks for children). But they are also generally higher in salt, fat, sugar and with artificial additives. Several studies link them to a number of negative health outcomes, including obesity, diabetes type 2 and cardiovascular disease. Experts used the UK Biobank to collect information on the diets of 200,000 middle-aged adults. The researchers monitored the participants’ health over a 10-year period, looking at their risk of developing any type of cancer overall and their specific risk of developing 34 types of cancer. They also looked at the risk of dying from cancer.

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The study: higher risk for women

It emerged that a higher consumption of ultra-processed foods was associated with a higher risk of developing cancer and, in particular, a ovarian and brain cancer. He has also been associated with an increased risk of dying from cancer, particularly ovarian and breast cancers. For every 10% increase in processed foods in a person’s diet, there was a 2% increase in the incidence for cancer and specifically a 19% increase for ovarian cancer specifically. Each 10 percent increase in ultra-processed food consumption was also associated with a 6 percent increase in cancer mortality, specifically a 16 percent increase in breast cancer mortality and a 30 percent increase in cancer mortality. ovarian disease, regardless of a number of known risk factors for cancer such as smoking, physical activity and being overweight.

Last updated: Wednesday 1 February 2023, 12:43

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