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Novartis, partnership on the territory for more modern healthcare and closer to citizens

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Novartis Italia restarts from the Regions to “a healthcare that is increasingly focused on the patient and on the relationship with the territory and institutions. A new approach which, with the fight against the pandemic and the guidelines indicated by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, is necessary to support the restart of the country and the health system as a whole “, explains the company in a note.

“What we are implementing is an important paradigm shift, in line with the indications of the NRP and even more with the now mandatory needs of patients who are entitled to the highest standards of care and assistance”, he underlines Pasquale Frega, Country President and CEO of Novartis Farma. “Health is increasingly at the center of public policies. The world and Italy are changing; this is why we are changing too, conceiving and proposing, together with those who are committed to designing the health of the future, the most innovative solutions. . We will therefore be close to the Regions to make the system more modern, efficient, close to the citizens in a spirit of collaboration between public and private “.

The new functions – explains the note – will make use of professional figures and skills to support an approach based on health management, increasingly connected and integrated with the territory, which favors the development of preventive, personalized medicine and health care focused on the needs of the individual citizen. Three main changes: the new Regional Affairs team – as part of the Public Affairs & Sustainability function – it will create strategic partnerships with regional stakeholders in the light of the provisions of the NRP, starting from Mission 6 (Health) and extending to environmental transition, social inclusion and research. The team of Regional Access & Partnership – as part of the Value, Access and Regional Partnership function – will add, to the access skills, the implementation of strategic projects and services in line with the needs of regional health systems. Finally the new Innovation & Services, in support of these teams, will have the task of identifying innovative solutions capable of integrating the company’s proposal within the new models. The entire organization will support the new functions to ensure the achievement of the new challenging objectives.

“The pandemic has taught us that the only formula useful for countering major threats and achieving ambitious goals is collaboration, between citizens, between companies and between them and the institutions. The Regions are already the presidium today and, we are sure, they will be the engine of this important change for our country “, declares Frega.

“With this in mind of collaboration”, the company makes “a significant wealth of resources, know-how and experience available to the institutions and actors involved that today make it a leading player in the pharmaceutical and economic panorama of our country: a solid industrial presence on the national territory; first investors in R&D in the healthcare sector in Italy with approximately 250 million euros planned over the next three years; over 2,300 qualified collaborators present throughout the national territory; 11.7 million patients reached each year; an overall impact of 6.2 billion euros of its activities on the social, environmental and economic level of our country “.

Lā€™innovation, digital and therapeutic, will act as a “red thread to the entire project because it will allow intervention in the prevention and management of pathologies, to overcome the current limits linked to a model centered on the hospital, to radically transform assistance and home care. To this end a project such as the Digital Innovation Hub Novartis Biome: a cross-divisional unit to support the development and implementation of Open Innovation initiatives whose goal is to accelerate the connections between Novartis and all partners in the healthcare and technology ecosystem “.

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