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Now you can cook Kevin’s famous chili – – Gamereactor

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Now you can cook Kevin’s famous chili – – Gamereactor

The American Office has some of the best and most memorable opening skits of all television. One unanimously favorite is Kevin’s famous pepper scene, where Brian Baumgartner’s iconic character brings a vat of peppers into the office, then accidentally spills it on the floor before trying to Continue to panic while cleaning.

Today, you can learn how to cook chili like Kevin, as Baumgartner reveals he is releasing a cookbook called Seriously Good Chili Cookbook: The Best Cookbooks in the World. It’s a hardcover book, and Baumgartner also talks about his time on and off screen, even including an introduction by the author himself and a foreword by Oscar Nunez, Oscar Nunez Is the star of The Office, best known for playing Oscar Martinez in the series.

While you can pre-order the book for £19.99 on Amazon today, it won’t be released until October 11, 2022. However, if you’re looking for additional information about the book itself, you can read the instructions below.

“Brian’s first cookbook is all about his favorite foods, both on and off screen as he searches for the best, tastiest recipes in America and beyond! Seriously Good Chili Cookbook” Featuring 177 chili recipes handpicked by Brian Baumgartner and printed with his “very good” support rating, it contains new and creative ways to season chili for all occasions year round!

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