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On air, health at your side

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On air, health at your side

New Health Column “Health at Your Side” to Debut on Delta Radio

Exciting news for all health-conscious citizens as Delta Radio announces the launch of a new column focused on well-being and health. The column, titled “Health at Your Side,” will debut on Monday, April 15th, with an episode dedicated to pain therapy.

In collaboration with the medical experts of the Porto Viro and Rovigo nursing homes of the Pederzoli group, the column aims to provide valuable advice from specialists and answers to curiosities on topics that are dear to all of us.

Doctor Francesca Vlassich, responsible for Anesthesia and Resuscitation at the Madonna della Salute nursing home in Porto Viro and Rovigo, will be the guest speaker on the debut episode. Pain, a common issue that affects many individuals, will be the focus of the discussion, with Dr. Vlassich providing insights on managing various types of pain, from headaches to chronic conditions like arthritis and cancer-related pain.

The “Health at Your Side” column will be a fortnightly feature, airing on Mondays at 1pm. Listeners can tune in to Delta Radio frequencies, visit the website www.deltaradio.it, or access the content on the portals of La Voce di Rovigo and Delta Radio. The next episode, scheduled for April 29th, will feature Dr. Luca Penzo, physiatrist and head of the Rehabilitation department, addressing the topic of returning to mobility after trauma.

Don’t miss out on this valuable resource for health and well-being – mark your calendars for the debut of “Health at Your Side” on Delta Radio!

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