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Orange juice, yogurt: There are four foods you should never eat on an empty stomach

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Orange juice, yogurt: There are four foods you should never eat on an empty stomach

Even if your appetite is great, you should not eat every food on an empty stomach. Find out here how to avoid stress on your gastrointestinal tract.

For many people, a healthy, balanced breakfast is the basis for a good day. But what does healthy and balanced mean? Complex carbohydrates that keep you full, proteins that give you strength and fiber are a good start.

However, there are also foods that you should not eat for breakfast because they can cause digestion to become paralyzed.

Avoid raw vegetables

Raw food is considered healthy – and that’s true: it contains vitamins, fiber and minerals. However, it is anything but recommended as breakfast. The stomach can rebel because raw vegetables are extremely demanding on digestion.

Flatulence is therefore inevitable for many people, but raw food is particularly stressful on an empty stomach.

Breakfast trap: yogurt

A yogurt with fruit actually sounds like an all-round good breakfast. This is because it doesn’t cause any direct discomfort – at least not if you don’t have a particularly sensitive digestion.

However, yogurt is only partially healthy on an empty stomach. The reason: The healthy lactic acid bacteria contained in yogurt are not properly absorbed by an empty stomach. Instead, the aggressive stomach acid kills everything good before it reaches the intestines.

What helps: Eat a few nuts, a piece of avocado or a spoonful of oatmeal beforehand to create a kind of buffer in your stomach.

Do not eat bananas on an empty stomach

Bananas actually provide the body with important nutrients, but you should not eat them on an empty stomach.

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Bananas – like other foods containing glucose – cause blood sugar levels to rise. A short time later it drops rapidly again. The result: It’s not uncommon to have to struggle with cravings for the rest of the day.

Don’t drink orange juice in the morning

First of all, a large glass of orange juice for breakfast? Sounds healthy, but it’s not on an empty stomach. The acid in citrus fruits can cause heartburn.

An exception is lemon water because the juice in it is heavily diluted with water.

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