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Pre-adolescent skincare: what products are suitable?

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Pre-adolescent skincare: what products are suitable?

Beauty tutorials, colorful products and eye-catching packaging: whatever the reason, it seems that i pre-adolescentsgenerally between the ages of 9 and 12, show an increasingly greater interest in skincare. So much so that in recent times, on TikTok, a phenomenon called #sephorakidsassociated with children who go to perfumeries to buy cosmetics, even expensive ones, sometimes sharing videos of their purchases online.

In addition to the influence of social media, which could promote unrealistic aesthetic standards, concerns emerge regarding the safety and suitability of products used in this age group. What are the precautions and advice to follow? We asked Mariuccia Buccidermatologa e Past President dell’ISPLAD (International-Italian Society of Plastic-Regenerative and Oncologic Dermatology).

Pre-adolescent skincare: what to pay attention to?

«The skin begins to change during developmental age, on average around 12 years. If he is undergoing gods small dermatological problems like thealteration of sebum production, which is linked to hormonal changes and leads to the appearance of impure skin with some imperfections, we can suggest the use of certain measures to ensure that they do not increase. Then, clearly, the skin of a boy or girl is more delicate and thin than that of an adult. Which is why there is a risk of causing problems by using unsuitable or wrong cosmetics”, explains the dermatologist.

The right beauty routine, from cleansing to hydration

“First of all, you shouldn’t cleanse too aggressively. It is best to choose cleansers suitable for younger skin, such as mousse delicate containing minerals or probiotic fractions. You can then use some fabric masks which are indicated for sensitive skin, based on antioxidants or vitamins. For the skincare of pre-adolescents, they are fine moisturizing creams with light and not too greasy textures. Anti-wrinkle products that could lead to the formation of cosmetic acne should be avoided and in the presence of some imperfections, prefer gel creams.”

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«Moreover, if girls or boys have a tendency to have some blackheads, it is possible to use serums that are also suitable during pregnancy, such as those based on milk thistle seed extracts which can act on comedones. Or, for theacne pre-adolescent, there are serums based on lactic acid e succinic acid, which are much gentler than salicylic acid. While it would be preferable not to apply exfoliating tonics.”

«Basically, it is advisable to limit ourselves to gods products with rather basic active ingredients. Il retinol, for example, is not suitable for pre-adolescents, who do not need to accelerate cell turnover. This active ingredient tends to make the skin even more sensitive and in their case it could even alter it. I would also advise against using vitamin C, as it is an acid. Maybe it could be useful niacinamidealways in low percentages around 4%. It is a vitamin that does not have an exfoliating action, but can improve the complexion and post-inflammatory spots that can appear after healing of pimples in the case of impure skin”, continues Mariuccia Bucci.

How to educate pre-teens about skincare

«There is the possibility of doing the right beauty routine, with harmless ingredients that do not cause irritation. If anything, we must try to prepare these skins for the adolescent period, in which particular care must be taken not to occlude the sebaceous glands. In fact, obstruction of the follicles can facilitate inflammation of the sebaceous gland and lead to the formation of pimples.”

«It’s certainly not wrong to educate pre-adolescents and adolescents to skin care, if they love doing these skincare gestures. The important thing is to raise their awareness do not unknowingly use cosmetics that are unsuitable for them, which can ruin the skin or alter its sebaceous production, even causing acne prematurely. The choice of products must not be guided by emulation of adults, by a compulsive purchase of what you see on social media or by attractive packaging”, concludes the expert.

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