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Princess Kate reveals she has cancer, ‘diagnosis was early’ – Focus Tumor news

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Princess Kate reveals she has cancer, ‘diagnosis was early’ – Focus Tumor news

Princess Kate revealed in a video message to the nation that she is being treated for cancer and assured that the diagnosis of her cancer – which came thanks to a biopsy conducted after January abdominal surgery – was early. She said she has been undergoing chemotherapy since the end of February.

From the few elements disclosed by Princess Kate, who revealed that she has cancer, “it can be hypothesized that the neoplasm is localized in the abdominal area and could have affected gynecological organs, such as the ovary or uterus, or the digestive system such as the colon. The Princess spoke of early diagnosis and this suggests an early stage tumor and is therefore a positive element.” This was stated to ANSA by Giampaolo Tortora, director of the Cancer center of the Gemelli Polyclinic and professor of medical oncology at the Catholic University.

“Given that the data we know are few, if the surgery was carried out – underlines Tortora – we can hypothesize that the disease must have been in an initial stage and the chemotherapy that the princess is undergoing could be hypothesized to be chemotherapy for preventive, i.e. a so-called adjuvant chemotherapy which is carried out after the removal of the tumor to prevent the onset of relapses. As for the location of the tumor, the most probable one is the digestive or gynecological system”. A chemotherapy “post-surgery for adjuvant purposes – she underlines – is a procedure which, if confirmed, would lead to hope because it indicates that the neoplasm was diagnosed at an early stage”.

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Also according to Saverio Cinieri, president of the Aiom Foundation (Italian Association of Medical Oncology), “it is difficult to hypothesize scenarios given the few elements we know, but certainly early diagnosis is fundamental for the treatment of all tumors. The probability that the princess is also undergoing preventive chemotherapy – he concludes – would allow us to be optimistic about the evolution of the treatment of the pathology”.

Assuming that it is an abdominal neoplasm, explains Giovanni Scambia, gynecologist oncologist and scientific director of Gemelli, “at the beginning the disorder can arise in various ways and one can think of different pathologies such as, for example, benign intestinal pathologies or other Since the abdominal area is involved, it could be a tumor of the intestine or genital system.” Also according to Scambia, it can be hypothesized that the princess is undergoing chemotherapy as a preventive measure after surgery. What is important, he notes, “is that the princess spoke about an early diagnosis, and today, it should be remembered that the therapies for tumors in the gynecological area, if it were confirmed that it is this type of neoplasm, are much improved and effective and a good portion of patients recover.”

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