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Psychologist bonus for the very young: how to request it

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Psychologist bonus for the very young: how to request it

Psychologist bonus for the very young: how to request it. Here’s what we can do for the mental health of the little ones


Recently, the new measure approved by the government, for psychological support, has caused a sensation. In fact, for a long time to afford psychological treatment it was a feat or, even worse, a mirage, for a large part of the population, which also felt the need. This has led, over the years, to an increase in discomforts such as anxiety and depression, or others disturbances.

Of course the pandemic didn’t help, as it changed the way we know it. Not only that, but it filled us with fears that we didn’t think were ours, it distanced everyone from their own world. The youngest, of school age, suddenly found themselves torn from school, friendships, and extra-curricular activities. A growing sense of estrangement has also increased among the little ones, which has not done anyone any good.

Psychologist bonus for the very young, here are the necessary requirements

It is perhaps for this reason that many regions have moved for psychological help, for which applications can already be made until twenty-four October on the INPS portal. For the rest, other regions have decided to do something more. The Lazio region has decided to allocate gods special funds for the youngest who have suffered most from the consequences of the pandemic.

The request can be done from June for this year, from May to 2023, and from February to 2024. First you need to contact the specialist doctor, the pediatrician if for children, who will establish the number of necessary sessions. They range from a minimum amount of fifty euros (one session only) to a maximum of one thousand euros. After the doctor’s request and having established the necessary sessions, you can make a request on the appropriate e-family portal which will proceed with the provision of the appropriate voucher to use the services.

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Who can ask for support? Young people between six and twenty-one years old (twenty-two to be completed) residing in Lazio.

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