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revolutionary technique “that could save many lives”

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revolutionary technique “that could save many lives”

A blood test can predict cancers. This is the objective of a revolutionary test devised by the Indian company Epigeneres Biotechrecently used (on an experimental basis) also in the hospitals of United Kingdom. This particular blood test, according to the president’s statement Ashish Tripathi in an interview quoted by the “New York Post”, he would be able to predict tumors even a year before their formation. The “Stem Cells” magazine published an updated report on the results achieved by the company last March.

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A blood test to predict cancer

«We can detect cancer earlier than other known technologies, before the tumor has physically formed», declared Tripathi during an interview with the Indian writer and doctor Deepak Chopra. “Not only can we actually detect it at this stage – added the president of Epigeneres Biotech – but we can predict which cancer and where it is forming, directly from a blood test”.

The test devised by Tripathi’s team – unlike other blood tests to diagnose cancer – focuses on stamina cells which have a tumor biomarker.

This helps determine if cancer is on the horizon well before those cells progress to become cancerous.

How the test works

Normally, it takes a billion cancer cells to form a cancer that measures a cubic centimeter, a very small mass and consequently difficult to detect even with a CT scan. But well before the tumor is visible, cancerous cells are already in the bloodstream and begin to spread through the body. Most of the tests carried out so far (which have the same goal as Tripathi’s team) are able to identify these cancer cells only when they are already at stage 3 or 4 and can still be detected by traditional tests.

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The Indian company’s new blood test would not only be able to detect stage 1 or 2 cancers, but could also find out if a patient’s stem cells are destined to become cancerous well before the first stage (up to 18 months of advance). This would give doctors a huge head start in terms of targeted treatments to prevent tumors from forming.

“It could save many lives”

Doctor Sherif Raoufa specialist in gastrointestinal tumors who will conduct a trial at the St. Bartholomew’s Hospital of London, said: ‘Catching cancer early on is the holy grail of cancer medicine. Normally this is not an easy process – continued the doctor quoted by the “New York Post” -. Many patients are currently undergoing scans, biopsies and clinic appointments. Have a blood test to detect cancer early on, or even before it develops could save many lives. This could be a turning point.”

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