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Riccardi, diabetes2 75 devices have already been prescribed – Medicine

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(ANSA) – TRIESTE, 07 JUL – “The activities we have carried out to make greater use of innovative technologies for the administration of insulin with a ‘Continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion’ pump and for blood glucose detection with continuous blood glucose monitoring and flash blood glucose monitoring pertain to at least the two profiles”. This was stated by the regional councilor with responsibility for Health, Riccardo Riccardi who today brought the issue to the Giunta, who approved the proposed resolution for the approval of the ‘Regional consensus document on the prescription of insulin pumps and continuous or intermittent monitoring systems of blood sugar in people with diabetes.

This updates the eligibility criteria for patients to use these devices, taking into account the results of clinical studies and national and international guidelines.

“One of the profiles – Riccardi explained – concerns the definition of new guidelines and regional clinical-operative indications for the management of the treatment path: a process that also regulates the requirements required for the use of these technologies and the methods of their employment, according to access priority criteria, in relation to care needs and the financial sustainability of the change”. The second profile concerns “definition and implementation of procedures to ensure the availability of technologies to purchase to the extent in relation to the definitive clinical assessments and overall economic sustainability, consequent to the reimbursement of all the technologies analyzed for eligible patients” Riccardi went into detail . “The Regional Health Coordination Company (ARCS) has sent the ‘Consent Document’ to the Central Health Directorate, drawn up to simplify and standardize the patient prescription process and the management of device dispensing” specified Riccardi. Furthermore, Arcs has announced, on behalf of the regional single central purchasing body (CUC), the open procedure tender for the assignment of the supply of materials. The tender was divided into 9 lots and was awarded. The contract has been active since April 1 last year. People with complicated type 2 diabetes (for example on insulin therapy) have access to “advanced” technology on the advice of the diabetes specialist. (HANDLE).

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