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Rizzoli identifies antibodies that ‘attack’ rare tumors – Medicine

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Rizzoli identifies antibodies that ‘attack’ rare tumors – Medicine

Researchers at the Irccs Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute in Bologna have identified a new function of a particular antigen – a molecule that the immune system recognizes as foreign – which in this case is stimulated ad hoc with specific antibodies with the aim of inducing cell death tumors. The research, led by Katia Scotlandi, a doctor who directs the Experimental Oncology laboratory at Rizzoli, highlights that this antigen (CD99) has particular therapeutic potential against Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare tumor that mainly affects children and young adults.

The study, supported by the Airc Foundation, was recently published in the journal Cancer Immunology Research.

The antigen studied, explains Rizzoli, practically determines the activation of the ‘eat me’ signals on the surface of the tumor cells. This mechanism, scientists point out, can favor the so-called “phagocytosis” by macrophages, cells of the innate immunity which have the function of incorporating and therefore neutralizing cells and molecules that are dangerous for the organism. The antigen promotes the development of special macrophages, with anti-tumor characteristics. Among the most active antibodies “there is the human C7 antibody – underlines Rizzoli – whose use could have an important therapeutic potential against Ewing’s sarcoma and other tumor pathologies”.

Two other research groups collaborated with the team, headed by Dr. Gina Lisignoli, of the SC Laboratory of Immunorheumatology and Tissue Regeneration, and Dr. Francesca Salamanna, of the SC Surgical Sciences and Technologies. Researchers from the University of Bologna then participated.

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