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Sanremo 2024, audience record 67.8% share for the cover evening – News

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Sanremo 2024, audience record 67.8% share for the cover evening – News

Sanremo still sets records. The 67.8% share achieved yesterday by the cover evening represents the best result for the Friday evening of the Auditel era since 1987. In second place was the 1987 edition, hosted by Pippo Baudo with Carlo Massarini, with 67.50% collected from the penultimate evening of the festival. The first part of the cover evening (from 9.25pm ​​to 11.35pm) was followed by 15 million 531 thousand spectators equal to a 65.1% share; the second (from 11.38pm to 1.59am) from 8 million 398 thousand equal to 73.2%. Last year the first part of the fourth evening of the festival (from 9.15pm to 11.41pm) attracted 15 million 46 thousand viewers equal to a 65.2% share; the second (from 11.44pm to 1.59am) from 7 million 41 thousand with 69.7%.

Like it or not, the Festival gets three 60% (share, ed.) in a row. Amadeus alone beats Meloni and Schlein together. – Beelzebub, why don’t you go into politics? You make a party, you call it ‘Fratelli di Palco’, ‘Movimento 5 Scalette’ or ‘SanremoViva'” was how Fiorello joked about the record ratings of the first three evenings of the Festival at ‘VivaRai2!… VivaSanremo!’: in the company of Biggio, Casciari, Alessia Marcuzzi and the whole gang, live in the rain, Fiorello warmed up the atmosphere outside the Ariston at the end of the fourth evening of the Sanremo Festival.

For further information, ANSA Geolier Agency dominates the cover evening and places a claim on the final victory. The farmers’ message also on stage (by Angela Majoli) – Sanremo is Sanremo – Ansa.it (ANSA)

Geolier prevails in the covers challenge, with a medley featuring Guè, Luchè and Gigi D’Alessio. The verdict, greeted by boos at the Ariston, which sees him precede Angelina Mango, is the result of the televoting, radio jury and press room and comes at the end of an evening that confirms itself as a journey into collective memory, a joyful and together an affectionate ride through memories and between generations, which drives the public and social media crazy.

Then in the top five Angelina Mango, Annalisa with La Representative di Lista and Coro Artemia, Ghali with Ratchopper, Alfa with Roberto Vecchioni.

On stage great guests, from Gianna Nannini to Roberto Vecchioni, from Umberto Tozzi to Riccardo Cocciante. The surprise return of the master Beppe Vessicchio and Jalisse with Fiumi di parole.

And an amazing one Lorella CuccariniThat with a medley of his hits he makes the Ariston fly. The entrance on stage is spectacular, with dance steps: the co-host starts in front of the theater, next to a young dancer, a tribute to herself as a child full of dreams who watched Pippo Baudo on TV, then enters with the dance troupe in the Ariston foyer and goes on stage to the tune of the great variety theme tunes. From Night Flies to Sugar Sugar, here is Fiorello in the Manuel Franjo version and Amadeus in a black jacket. Lorella greets Baudo, who launched her: “Hi Pippo, we love you”.

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The fourth evening of the festival – which makes room for the farmers’ protest with a shared text read by Amadeus – opens with an appearance by Fiorello, wrapped in a duvet, looking for the bathroom. A short gag disturbed by some audio and video problems. In the box of honor is Prince Albert of Monaco.

All thirty competing artists parade with their guests. Sangiovanni opens and sings the Iberian version of La Farfalle di lei with the Spanish Aitana; Annalisa rocks with Sweet dreams by Eurythmics, in duet with La Representative di Lista; Gazzelle and Fulminacci have chosen Night before the exams and the whole theater accompanies them with the lights of their mobile phones. “A kiss to Antonello Venditti. Thank you for being born, we love you”, says Gazzelle at the end of the performance. Gianna Nannini, on stage with Rose Villain, brings a medley of her hits, Scandalo, Meravigliosa creature and Sei nell’anima, welcomed by a very long applause. Everyone on their feet dancing with The Kolors and Umberto Tozzi, Ti Amo, Tu, Gloria, with Stash quoting the words of the Italodisco hit, “This isn’t Ibiza” on the final drum roll. The audience was in raptures and ovations for Roberto Vecchioni who sang Sogna Ragazzi Sogna with Alfa and for Riccardo Cocciante who proposed Quando fini un amore with Irama, a timeless success celebrating fifty years.

Bnkr44 were amusing as they wanted Pino D’Angiò on stage for Quale idea, Fiorella Mannoia and Francesco Gabbani ‘exchange’ Che sia benedetta and Occidentali’s Karma. The performance of the French Saints with Skin to the tune of Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen was of great impact. “Not only Ariston but the whole world sings”, to quote Amadeus, with the Ricchi e Poveri who propose It will be because I love you and Mamma Maria, with Paola and Chiara. Ghali’s medley with Rat Chopper was definitely a hit. A true Italian: the rapper sings ‘I dream of the new Italy’, paying a delicate homage to Toto Cutugno, who died last August.

Clara called Ivana Spagna and the children’s choir of the Teatro Regio of Turin for The Circle of Life, from The Lion King. After some audio problems, Loredana Bertè, accompanied by Venerus, starts with Luigi Tenco’s song Ragazzo Triste and before leaving she thanks the stage technician Pippo Balestrieri, who has been working at the festival for 41 years.

Angelina Mango’s homage to papa Pino with La rondine, with the String Quartet of the Orchestra of Rome, is thrilling. We change register with the energy of Alessandra Amoroso and Boomdabash. Dargen D’Amico pays homage to Morricone with the Babelnova Orchestra and relaunches his appeal for peace. Mahmood brings How deep is the sea with Bitti’s Tenores. Among the most successful performances were Negramaro and Malika with La canzone del sole, Il Volo with Stef Burns in Who Wants to Live Forever.

Standing ovation for Vecchioni with Alfa

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Great emotion on the Ariston stage and standing ovation from the audience for Roberto Vecchioni, in Sanremo to duet with Alfa on the fourth evening of the Festival. The professor of the song interpreted his ‘Dream boy dream’ together with the young singer in the competition who added a rap ending with some of his rhymes.

Lorella Cuccarini enters the scene also dancing with Fiorello-Franjo

A spectacular entrance on stage with dance steps for Lorella Cuccarini, co-host of the fourth evening of the Festival, who starts dancing in front of the Ariston theatre, next to a young dancer full of dreams who was watching Pippo Baudo on TV, before entering with the dance troupe in the Ariston foyer and go on stage to the tunes of the great variety theme tunes. When we move from La notte vola to Sugar Sugar, Fiorello appears on stage with a long and thick black wig, in the Manuel Franjo version, Lorella’s Venezuelan dancer partner. “The first thing I want to say – said Fiorello-Franjo – is that I don’t sign the release not for the dance but for the hair. And then a sensation of warmth that starts from above and comes from below… To put on this shirt and don’t let it come out of the fantasy idea trousers… An elastic band that gives a sensation of division…”.

Standing ovation for Riccardo Cocciante with Irama

Standing ovation for Riccardo Cocciante with Irama after the tandem interpretation of ‘When love ends’, which turns 50. “In this difficult moment that the world is experiencing, I wanted to leave you with this”, added Cocciante, singing ‘Living to love’, from Notre Dame de Paris.

Gabbani bows to Mannoia in Sanremo

Francesco Gabbani kneels in front of Fiorella Mannoia. After the duet to the tune of ‘Che sia Benedetta’ and ‘Occidentali’s Karma’, respectively second and first place at the Sanremo Festival in 2017, the guest singer of the cover evening repeats the bow to Fiorella like seven years ago.

Fiorello brings Vessicchio and Jalisse to Ariston

Magic number for Fiorello who, outside the Ariston theatre, makes a surprise appear behind a red cloth. He announces the Jalisse (“I’m the only magician who spoils the result”) but surprisingly reveals the master Beppe Vessicchio. “On the evening of duets – exclaims Fiorello – there will be a duet in Sanremo between conductors, Leonardo De Amicis and Beppe Vessicchio: two batons for Jalisse”.

Amadeus gives Cuccarini a mini-Lorella dressed like her

Lorella Cuccarini’s mother, Maria, worked in high fashion. Hence Amadeus’ idea of ​​giving his co-host a doll dressed exactly like her: “Mrs. Marina, who is one of our RAI seamstresses, made it with her own hands, and it’s an opportunity to thank everyone color who work behind the scenes, the make-up, the hairdressers, the technicians”, says the artistic director.

Bagnaia in Sanremo: “Me as a DJ? Better that I continue on my motorbike”

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“Being here is fantastic. Before going down the stairs, my heart was beating like when you compete.” Pecco Bagnaia is a guest on the Sanremo stage. Alongside Amadeus, the two-time MotoGP world champion with Ducati also returns to the celebrations at Mugello in 2023, when he improvised as a DJ: “A talent? Better with motorbikes. Better to continue doing what I’m doing”, jokes the Turin driver. “In the morning before the run, as soon as I wake up, I like to listen to music. I play every genre, based on how I feel. Rock gives me the right energy. Music is 100% part of my world“, he says Bagnaia.

Ovation for Angelina Mango who pays homage to her father Pino

Standing ovation and emotion at the Ariston for the performance of Angelina Mango, who paid homage to her father Pino with La rondine, accompanied by the string quartet of the Orchestra of Rome. The young artist, visibly emotional, finally thanks the orchestra, the maestro and her brother Giovanni.

Amadeus greets DJ Gigi D’Agostino: ‘The captain is back’

“The captain is back to make us dance”: this is how Amadeus greeted DJ Gigi D’Agostino in connection with the Sanremo Festival from the ship’s floating stage.

‘Without agriculture there is no life’

“We are close to farmers”: Amadeus concludes with these words the reading on the Ariston stage of the extract of the Speech for Sanremo presented by the farmers protesting in Sanremo. “In recent days – explains the artistic director – I expressed my willingness to welcome on stage the reasons of the farmers who are protesting to defend the rights of the category that they believe is threatened by the European reforms of the sector. I am now reading a text that has been shared with farmers present in Sanremo”.

For further information ANSA Agency ‘Without agriculture there is no life’, the appeal to Ariston – News – Ansa.it Agreement with the protesters, Amadeus reads an extract of the text (ANSA)

Renga kisses her daughter Jolanda, Nek looks for Laura

After the performance on the cover evening with a medley of their most famous songs, Francesco Renga and Nek are the protagonists of a fun scene. Renga kisses her daughter Jolanda, sitting in the stalls, and steals her purse (for Fantasanremo points) while Nek looks for Laura from ‘Laura non c’è’ and greets a woman in the stalls with a kiss.

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