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Severely disabled people, the law on family caregivers approved by ARS

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Severely disabled people, the law on family caregivers approved by ARS

“ARS Unanimously Approves Bill Recognizing Family Caregivers”

Today, the ARS (Regional Assembly of Sicily) unanimously approved the bill on the “Recognition and valorization of the figure of the family caregiver”. This significant move was announced by Giuseppe Laccoto, president of the VI Health Commission, who championed the bill in the chamber.

Laccoto emphasized the social value of the new law, which follows previous legislation on primary care psychologists. The bill aims to provide legal recognition to those who selflessly and voluntarily care for non-self-sufficient relatives on a daily basis.

The bill addresses the significant role that family caregivers play in providing emotional, moral support, managing daily routines, organizing medical visits and therapies, and handling administrative tasks related to disability and medical care.

In response to the approval of the bill, the M5S group at ARS expressed satisfaction, noting that it represents a positive step towards improving healthcare in the region. They highlighted the importance of recognizing the central role of caregivers in the social and healthcare system, which will make it easier for families to care for their disabled relatives.

Roberta Schillaci, who actively contributed to the bill, also emphasized the need for further actions to support families with dependent disabled individuals. She urged for the quick issuance of an implementing decree for a one-stop shop for disabilities, which would streamline bureaucratic processes and provide better support to vulnerable families.

Stefano Pellegrino, president of Forza Italia deputies at ARS, praised the bill as a significant step towards supporting vulnerable individuals and their families. He emphasized the importance of recognizing the social value of family caregivers and resolving formal problems related to their role in supporting non-self-sufficient individuals.

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Overall, the approval of the bill on family caregivers at ARS has been hailed as a victory for all those involved and a positive step towards improving support for vulnerable individuals in Sicily.

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