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“Sifu” postponed to 2022

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On the PlayStation’s State of Play live broadcast, developer Sloclap released a new trailer called “Fight Club Gameplay Teaser” for their third-person kung fu action game “Sifu”. While we were able to see the actual operation screen of the hand-to-hand combat of “Sifu”, there are also some notable things in the announcement.

First, the trailer shows more details about its aging game mechanics: in “Sifu”, every time you die, your character gets older. However, this does not mean that your character will weaken with age: “Kungfu must be trained and practiced throughout a lifetime to achieve specialization, and the aging mechanism and death are also the core of this trailer. In In “Sifu”, this concept inspired the protagonist’s motivation and ideas, and we hope this can become one of the game experiences. Players can make mistakes, try and learn from it throughout the process. We hope to make this The experience becomes smooth: the player will be able to immediately restart from the place of death and move on like an overwhelming force of revenge. However, you can’t keep aging, and eventually you will become too old and must Start this path from the beginning,” explained Felix Garczynski, Sloclapin’s PR manager.

You can view more details here.

Another thing to note is that “Sifu” has been postponed from the initial 2021 release window to early 2022. The game will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC (EGS) when it is released.

Check out the new game trailer below.

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