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Sleep tourism: here are the structures where you can find lost sleep

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Sleep tourism: here are the structures where you can find lost sleep

Treat yourself to one vacation in a fairytale structure to try to sleep well, improve sleep habits and bring body, soul and mind back into balance. To then face your daily routine more rested, with greater energy and with a more peaceful state of mind. This trend is called “sleep tourism” or “sleep tourism”: it is a new way of traveling and has been growing in popularity lately, particularly after the pandemic.

For the last 10 years we have lost 1 hour of sleep per night

As some research confirms, we all sleep 1 hour less than 10 years agofor an average of about 6 and a half hours per night. Blame the abuse of technology, of the upheavals of recent years and a society that is moving ever faster, leaving us no time to rest well. And so it can be done when we leave for a holiday, choosing destinations surrounded by nature, surrounded by silence and attentive to sleep hygiene.

There are many facilities that they offer to customers treatments, from massages to yoga, that help you relax, but there is no shortage of more advanced ones that offer pillow menus and kits for sleeping well in your room. On the occasion of World Sleep Day, which this year is celebrated on March 15, let’s discover the best places to sleep.

Digital detox: put your smartphone to bed

Vigilius Mountain Resort © GeorgTappeiner

In addition to relaxing massages, al Watch Mountain Resort you participate in various relaxation, meditation and wellbeing activities with a panoramic view of the Dolomites. All without taking photos but experiencing the treatments far from technology.

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In the resort there are, in fact, real “zone digital free” in which the smartphone is banned or in any case can only be used in silent mode and without vibration. At 11.00 pm the wi-fi is deactivated, for better sleep free from electromagnetic radiation. And those who are afraid of not being able to keep the strong temptation to look at their smartphone at bay can hand it in at the reception or put it in one of the safes inside the hotel.

Personalized sheets and classical music when you wake up

To rent in Tuscany

Let yourself be pampered by one soft and breathable bed linen makes the difference when it comes to rest. This is just one of the attentions of an ancient farm in the Sienese countryside between Pienza and Bagno Vignoni today transformed into an enchanting Country Resort. Besides the silence and the enchanting muffled atmosphere in which it is inserted, to To rent in Tuscany everything prepares you for relaxation with particular attention to rest:

the beds are made by expert local craftsmen without the use of metal, to allow for better quality sleep. The bed base with the wooden frame, in fact, isolates from electromagnetic pollution and is not a conductor of energy, to the benefit of rest; for perfect personalization of sleep, guests can decide whether to rest wrapped in linen or cotton sheets; in the morning, for a soft awakening, a pleasant background of classical music is played in the breakfast room.

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No television in the room

Upside Down Tree

Even if the noise of the television in the background keeps some people company and relaxes, in reality it always keeps the brain on alert. To rest deeply, it is better to avoid screens in the rooms and perhaps dedicate yourself to a relaxing read before sleeping. This is the philosophy ofUpside Down Tree, a fairytale retreat suspended between the sea and the Gallura countryside.

The Country & Sea Boutique Hotel has 7 rooms and suites and what is most striking is the silence that you can enjoy in this place surrounded by quiet, by the scents of plants and flowers and by a panorama that fills your heart. No TV in the rooms, available for guests there is wifi and a free app with hundreds of magazines and newspapers.

The sleep sommelier who helps choose pillows

Gradonna Mountain Resort © gert_perauer

Is called Sleeping Sommelier the ace in the hole Gradonna Mountain Resort of Cals am Grossglockner in Austria, in the heart of the Hohe Tauern National Park. Here where the rooms are completely covered in pine woodwhich releases that characteristic and intense scent capable of reducing the number of heartbeats, there is a professional figure available to all guests able to recommend the pillow best suited to the different needs including pine pillows, hay pillows, for the cervical.

Lo Sleep Checkup to diagnose sleep disorders

Beautiful shoreline

And sleep consultant it is also found at Beautiful shoreline, the maximum expression of Swiss hotel industry. Their philosophy is summed up in one sentence: “Sleep is the single most important factor contributing to how you feel and look.” At the beginning of the stay one is recommended Sleep Checkup or one polysonography, the test that allows you to diagnose sleep disorders. A final consultation with the specialist allows you to take action, guaranteeing the adequate amount of rest.

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Detach from everything and immerse yourself in a natural pool

Punta Cana Resort

Contact with water and movement have a relaxing effect, triggering an increase in the production of endorphins and a stabilization of serotonin levels, a neurotransmitter responsible, among other things, for mood and regulation of the sleep-wake rhythm.

For this reason, relaxing by the pool is one of the ideal activities, especially if the pool is natural. Club Med has established real ones Zen Oasisseparated from the main Resort for guarantee silence and privacy, like the one in Punta Cana or the Emerald Jungle of Miches Playa Esmeralda, in the Dominican Republic. These oases feature natural chlorine-free pools that extend along the horizon, offering a space for contemplation, silence and peace immersed in the greenery of uncontaminated nature.

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