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Slipgate Ironworks is making a sci-fi real-time strategy game

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Slipgate Ironworks is making a sci-fi real-time strategy game

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Article: Ben Lyons – Gamereactor.cn

The THQ Nordic Digital Showcase gave us a look at the various upcoming games from the publisher. One of these projects comes from Slipgate Ironworks, a sci-fi real-time strategy game that has been in secret development for the past three years.

The title, Rise of the Tempest, tells a story that revolves around two warring factions – the Global Defense Forces (GDF) and the Tempest Dynasty. The concept of the story is that these two conflicting factions are bickering over an energy resource known as the Tempest, which has grown massively on the borders of the Tempest dynasty since their thermonuclear war broke out a few years ago then irradiated.

Since this is an RTS game, the gameplay revolves around leading troop units, whether basic infantry, tanks, or various other special units, circling the map and completing various objectives, such as knocking down opposing faction power plants. Units are commanded by mouse click movements, and units can even wreak havoc on the environment, not just enemies, by shooting dynamite barrels, etc.

There will also be some level of base building involved in Rise of the Tempest, meaning players will have to create and defend a base location, which is essential for creating new troop units and agricultural resources to power your attacks. This could be in the form of building a refinery to harvest the storm itself, or it could be in the form of a military barracks.

Due to the nature of the dueling factions, Rise of the Tempest will even have two campaigns, one for the GDF and the other for Reign of the Tempest. In addition to that, we were told in a press conference before the reveal that the game will have online multiplayer support, and that in this mode, a third faction will also appear – although it’s unclear what this will be like. detail.

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As for when Tempest Rising will launch, all we know right now is that it’s scheduled to debut on PC in 2023. As for the finer, more specific details about the game, they haven’t been revealed yet, but fans can expect to see a demo showing the game’s first level later this month at Gamescom Cologne.

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