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Sport in the cold – dangerous or healthy? – Health

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Sport in the cold – dangerous or healthy?  – Health

The biggest danger at the moment is probably the underground. Anyone who jogs, rides a racing bike or does another sport in temperatures below zero has a good chance of losing their balance or slipping. Icy paths, condensation on the streets that freezes again, and now and then the weight of snow causes a branch to break – all of this can become a treacherous trap for injury. Otherwise: dress warmly, loosen your muscles and joints a bit and get out in the cold. If you watch broadcasts of biathlon or cross-country skiing, you will see athletes who are still jumping happily through the winter landscape even at minus 20 degrees, even though the secretion in their nostrils is freezing or icicles are growing out of their beard. So it can’t be that dangerous to start your fitness program when it’s a few degrees below zero, or can it?

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