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Stefania Zampogna, a woman in charge of the Italian Society of Emergency Medicine and Pediatric Urgency

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Doctor Stefania Zampogna is the new president of SIMEUP (Italian Society of Emergency Medicine and Pediatric Urgency): she was elected by the National Congress held in Naples on 15 and 16 October 2021).

For the first time in the history of SIMEUP, a woman gains access to the highest office of the Company. Zampogna succeeds the outgoing president Riccardo Lubrano and will remain in office for four years. With her, the new Governing Council was elected which will be formed by: Tiziana Zangardi (vice president), Francesco Carlomagno (treasurer), Claudia Bondone, Massimo Chiossi, Francesca D’Aiuto, Francesco De Luca, Battista Guidi, Nicolò Parri e Debora Maria Luisa Simonetti (advisers). The auditors will be Alessandro Canetto, Donatella March e Beatrice Messini. Ilaria Bergese will be the new nursing contact.

With the election of Zampogna as SIMEUP president, another woman is in command of the Italian pediatrics. In fact, a few months ago, the teacher Annamaria Staiano he is at the head of the SIP (Italian Society of Pediatrics).

Pediatrics for women, after 123 years Annamara Staiano president Sip

by Tina Simoniello

Doctor Stefania Zampogna, specialist in Pediatrics, Anesthesia and Resuscitation and Respiratory System Diseases, has always dedicated her assistance and training activity to the pediatric urgency and emergency. He began his training activity back in 2000 by coordinating the training centers in PBLS-MUP for the Center-South. Today he is also a BLSD trainer, triage, Triage Instructor, PEARS, PALS, Simulation.

She has played various roles in the Simeup national boards of which she was one of the founders in 2003 at the Politeama di Catanzaro. He contributed to spreading the image and culture of SIMEUP by organizing scientific events at national and international level.

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“I am obviously satisfied and I thank everyone for the trust that has been placed in me – said the new SIMEUP president -. Beyond my person, I think it is really important that a woman has been chosen for this role. We women are capable of listening, synthesis, balance and sharing. I hope to find these qualities in myself and to be able to put them on the field for the good of SIMEUP. Now, with my team of extraordinary people, I intend to get to work for the unity of the members . I will be inspired by a principle of continuity with the Presidents who preceded me but I also want to project myself towards a new engagement policy with only one purpose: to aggregate the various components of the Pediatric Emergency-Emergency discipline in mutual respect for skills and professionalism. It is an honor for me to put myself at the service of a company that has achieved results of true excellence, and to coordinate a team of pediatricians who represent the best professionals. ality of the nation. Together we will work for a dream of a Scientific Society that contributes more and more to improving and protecting the health of our children, especially in urgent and emergency situations, in a uniform way throughout the national territory. A new inclusive SIMEUP projected towards listening and towards the future in Italy and Europe “.


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