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stop everything, what struck him – Libero Quotidiano

George Panariello was forced to postpone three dates in Florence, scheduled between 22 and 24 November at the Teatro Verdi, due to a bad labyrinthitis. It is an inflammation of the inner ear, which manifests itself in hearing loss, vertigo and tinnitus, as well as balance disorders and posture problems. So Panariello could do nothing but raise the white flag waiting for the labyrinthitis to pass.

It is the year of Mussolini: Panariello was right

The show scheduled for tonight, Tuesday 22 November, will be recovered on 19 December, again at the Teatro Verdi, while the recovery of the other two dates will be communicated in the next few hours. Of course, tickets already purchased remain valid for the new corresponding dates. Panariello is bringing his story to the theater, it is no coincidence that the title of the show is “My fairy tale”. The actor returned to the theater with a very specific objective: “I give him a two-hour break,” he declared some time ago in an interview with Corriere della Sera – that’s the comedian’s job”.

Forgive me for what I did: Panariello on his knees in front of Renato Zero

“I was born in the theater and now I return – he explained – I want to die on stage like Molière. TV brings popularity, but it’s not me there: it’s Panariello who makes the TV”. What about future plans? “Also in this case – she revealed – the show will become a show on Rai 1, but I will also make inroads into Mediaset. And for the first time I become the author of a television series”.

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