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Sunburn: here’s how to behave

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Sunburn: here’s how to behave

With the summer and the heat the most coveted destinations are reached during the rest of the year and one of the most popular habits is to go to the beach and enjoy the sun. Often, however, you are not careful and annoying sun rashes occur.

August is known to be the hottest month of the year. The end of summer is also the time when most decide to go on vacation to relax by the sea or in the mountains.

Wherever you choose to go to enjoy the summer, the sun and the heat, it is extremely important to protect the skin from sole. Many do not notice the importance of properly exposing oneself to UV raysbut the consequences are different and the skin it could be seriously damaged.

Sometimes even with the same Sun protection, which should be applied even in winter, you can “burn”. What to do then after being “burned”?

Too much sun? Remedies for sun burns

Sunburns: Here's what to do

Solar erythema, as well as what in colloquial language is sunburn due to incorrect or excessive exposure to UV rays, it is certainly good to avoid having it. In case now the skin has been subjected to such stresshere’s what to do to avoid worsening the situation and help the skin recover.

First of all it is essential moisturize Skin reddened both with specific creams but also with natural remedies such as for example aloeplant really full of benefits and properties.

Also good to stay cool, do cold showers and be very careful not to rub the irritated areas violently and with rough cloths.

Wrapping the extremities of the body with cloths moistened with fresh water is also a quick and effective remedy for relieving the sensation of burning which often peaks after approx 6 ore from sun exposure.

Even what is ingested becomes important and can be an ally of a treatment against rashes caused by the sun: it is therefore recommended to drink plenty of fluids both during and after sun exposure, so as to avoid dehydration.

I know though solar erythema starts to give serious problems, it is strongly advised not to take the matter lightly and not to act on your own, rather consult your doctor and explain the situation to him.

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