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Sweat? Remedies that are cheap and work

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Sweat?  Remedies that are cheap and work

In these sultry weeks, there are some remedies that could help you not give off a bad smell.

Summer is the season many people prefer. The days are getting longer, but inevitably it’s warmer.

These days then it’s very hot you sweat a lotma the smell that emanates is not very pleasant. In today’s article, we’ll reveal a few remedies that could allow you not to smell bad.

Sweat: remedies for bad smell (Pixabay)

They are all natural remedies which will help you counteract the unpleasant odor that could be emanating in these days.

Green Tea: it is very good to drink this drink, but if instead of taking it in this way, the sachets could be used in another way. How? After immersing them in warm water, they can be passed both under the armpits and on the feet.

Sweat: remedies for bad odor

Also there Rock salt – a pure mineral essentially composed of sodium chloride – can do for us, pour a few crystals into the tub and then immerse it in the water.

Or you could use them too Wheat grassthis is the name of the first leaves that arise after the germination of the seed of the soft wheat plant.

It has a very strong smell. What you will need to do is mix 2 tablespoons to about 200 ml of water: in this way you will get a juice that should be able to remove the bad smell from your sweat.

You may not know it, but the parsley it is not an ideal ingredient for cooking only. In fact, it’s also great anti-odor. How can it be used? One teaspoon of fresh parsley should be minced and mixed in a cup of boiling water for five minutes.

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Sweat: remedies for bad odor
Green Tea Bags Can Help Fight Bad Smells (Pixabay)

Another aromatic plant that could help us is the sage. What you can do is an infusion or you could also buy a solution of diluted sage oil. Once you have this product in your hand, you will only have to sprinkle the armpits with this product.

Il sodium bicarbonate, as we have seen, it can be used in several ways. Also to avoid bad smell. How? It is very simple: it will be necessary to spread the product and he but on the parts of the body that you want them to smell like.

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