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the beloved knight of the throne over ends up in hospital

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the beloved knight of the throne over ends up in hospital

UeD, anxiety and panic for a beloved competitor of the over throne: he ends up in hospital. Heart problems for one of the most famous protagonists of Canale 5’s living room of feelings.

UeD, concern for the beloved knight – Nanopress.it

There is great concern for a knight of the throne over. There is no good news for her salute, everyone anxious about him. Here you are the heart problem which risked compromising his safety.

Concern for a U&D rider

Anxiety and concern for a beloved knight of the throne over men and women. There is no good news for him. The protagonist of Marian living room is not well and fear spreads on social media.

Studio UeD
Study of UeD – Nanopress.it

Who is the victim? What happened to him? There is talk of a heart problem which put his safety at risk. As viewers have been able to notice, starting from 2023 many things have changed in the study of men and women.

Before the usual Christmas break, the sentimental adventures of ladies and knights they had remained on standby and now however, with the arrival of the new year, many news have also reached the court of Maria De Filippi.

We have found old and new faces, ready to get acquainted and to hope that Cupid also strikes their hearts. For the moment, however, it seems that more than the arrow of love has flown into the study of Maurizio Costanzo’s wife the arrow of fear. For a well-known knight of the throne over comes the beating: heart problems for him. Panic spreads on social media.

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Who is the knight with heart problems

It made everyone worry about a beloved knight of the throne over who spoke of his heart problem. We are referring to Richard Guarnieri. The protagonist of the Marian living room has become famous for his continuous push and pull with Ida Platanothe historic ex-girlfriend who left the show with Salerno a few months ago Alexander Proximity.

Riccardo of UeD – Nanopress.it

With him, the Brescian hairdresser started a new life: Riccardo is now a thing of the past. Not only the knight he lost one of the most important women in his life but also for a while Health.

In an interview given to magazine for men and womenthe Apulian worker told of a rather serious problem that he put to jeopardize his life. Riccardo discovered he has a heart problem which he initially underestimated:

“I had a heart problem that I discovered by accident.”

Some time ago though, cardiologists found out a regurgitation of blood into the organ because of an artery that was not doing its job properly. The knight was therefore forced to an emergency operation but it changed his life.

Fortunately, he is better today and the danger has returned but Ida Platano’s ex-boyfriend always live in fear that his heart could play a trick on him at any moment.

Riccardo would prefer his heart to keep beating out of love and not out of fear. Unfortunately, his adventure to Men and Women even in this recently started 2023, it’s not progressing as hoped.

His acquaintance with Gloria continues through ups and downs but no woman seems to be able to conquer his little heart as she did in the past Ida. However, he has no intention of giving up, the Apulian, who keep looking for love.

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Although, according to some advances, it seems that it is in the Tarantino’s intentions to leave the broadcast to take a break from television studios. Perhaps Riccardo wants to look for love away from the cameras? Didn’t Gloria trigger anything in him to convince him to start dating outside of Mediaset with her?

Riccardo Guarnieri – Nanopress.it

At the moment, we do not have an answer to these questions. But we know that Riccardo continues to prove itself as one of the most talked about and controversial characters of Men and Women.

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