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The evaluation of pharmacies begins

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The evaluation of pharmacies begins

And He listens to the civic to improve the quality of pharmacy services. Involving citizens and pharmacists first and foremost in the evaluation of the services provided and creating a personalized improvement plan. But also to detect the quality of the services offered on a national scale and understand how integrated pharmacies are into the National Health Service. Also highlighting its social role. They are the challenging objectives ofCivic audit of pharmacies – National cycle 2024 That Active Citizenship launched in collaboration with Apotheca natura, Assofarm, Federfarma, Sunifar and with the patronage of Fofi e Utifar.

Continuous improvement

In light of the reorganization of local healthcare, explain from Cittadinanzattiva, the pharmacy takes on an increasingly crucial role as an integrated health facility in the National Health Service: the Audit will therefore involve pharmacies in a process of continuous evaluation and improvement, enriched from the point of view of citizensin particular in defining the quality standards of the sector, to highlight excellence and recognize professionals who stand out for social responsibility and civic sensitivity in response to the health needs of communities.

The Civic Audit is underway to enhance the social role of pharmacies

Citizens and pharmacists involved will receive one specific training and are organized into local micro-teams, detecting indicators relating to quality factors representative of the relationships between citizens and pharmacies, formulated from the citizens’ point of view. The data analysis will give each indicator a score called Ias (Index of adequacy with standards), providing an evaluation of the pharmacy. After data collection and evaluation – from February to April 2024 – the Improvement plan. This is a document developed by the team in which any critical issues that emerge will be selected and classified to plan sustainable improvement actions based on the criteria of urgency or priority, competence, resources and costs and on the basis of the characteristics relating to the local context.

Operational phase

At the end of the different phases the pharmacy will obtain a Civic certification symbol of commitment to the improvement path. Interested pharmacies can apply by January 26, 2024 by filling out the online form at the following link. For more information: www.auditcivicofarmacie.it

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At the beginning, an image of the presentation video of the Civic Audit

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