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The future of medicine also depends on … farts: “Useful for diagnosing and preventing diseases”

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The future of medicine also depends on … farts: “Useful for diagnosing and preventing diseases”

Study gives farts a hitherto unknown health significance. Not only are they good for you, but the smell could be a cure-all for many ailments. This is stated by the work of David Ancalle, a mechanical engineering student at the Georgia Tech Research Institute who by training an artificial intelligence system to recognize and analyze the noise of farts, as well as that of urine and feces when they are released in the bathroom .

Together with an aerospace engineer, Maia Gatlin, Ancalle has developed a mechanical device, dubbed the SHART, which he hopes will one day diagnose diseases, such as cholera or even cancer, by analyzing a person’s bodily functions, including farts. The system correlates the sound of farts with the internal geometry of the rectum to detect any abnormal changes. The results achieved so far, which however also concern urination and defecation, were recently presented at the American Physical Society’s annual Fluid Dynamics conference. The ultimate goal is to create a portable device, accessible to all that can make a difference, saving thousands or even millions of human lives. “They may be useful for diagnosing and preventing disease,” the researchers say.

But that is not all. As an article in Sanità Informazione reports, a study by the University of Exeter, published in the journal Medicinal Chemistry Communicationsm, concluded that the smell of farts can have unexpected beneficial effects on health and could even help prevent cancer, the stroke, heart attack and dementia. “That’s thanks to hydrogen sulfide, one of several strong, foul-smelling gases produced by bacteria as they break down food in the intestines. It’s toxic in large doses, but small amounts, scientists say, help protect cells and fight disease – study says – When cells are stressed by disease, they try to attract enzymes to generate their own tiny amounts of hydrogen sulfide.This gas helps preserve mitochondria, the cells’ energy switchboards, which are also important regulators of inflammation “.

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In light of these findings, researchers have devised a new compound called AP39 to help the body produce the right amount of hydrogen sulfide. They believe this substance can help prevent or reverse mitochondrial damage, which is a key strategy in treating conditions such as stroke, heart failure, diabetes, arthritis, dementia and aging.

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