Home Health The historic family doctor Abele Guerini retires in Mulazzano

The historic family doctor Abele Guerini retires in Mulazzano

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The historic family doctor Abele Guerini retires in Mulazzano

After more than 30 years of honorable service in the local reality, the historic family doctor Abele Guerini, who was also mayor of Mulazzano for a decade, has hung up his coat. On behalf of the entire city community, yesterday the current mayor Silvia Giudici thanked him for the meritorious activity carried out in the village, who took his place at the helm of Mulazzano in June 2019. «For over thirty years Dr. Guerini has been a point of reference on the social-health front for hundreds and hundreds of Mulazzanesi, towards whom he has always shown his maximum availability from many points of view-were his words-of he. I am also referring to the dramatic period of the Covid emergency, when every day he received phone calls from dozens of citizens who were both frightened and undecided about what to do, to whom he never failed to provide assistance full of competence and humanity”.

Born in 1957, specialized in sports medicine and long engaged in the order of doctors of Lodi, Dr. Guerini also held the position of mayor from 2009 to 2019 for a double administrative mandate. «Already present in the local reality for some time, the young doctor Alessandro Mazzini has taken on the role of general practitioner, but there is actually the risk that many Mulazzanesi will remain without a doctor after his retirement – concludes the mayor Giudici -. Compared to other centers in the Lodi area where white coats are completely absent, in Mulazzano the situation is certainly better, but we are still in close contact with Ats to find a solution also to the lack of a pediatrician in the local reality”.

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