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The increase in covid cases shouldn’t scare, according to Galli

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The increase in covid cases is not surprising Massimo Galli, former director of the infectious diseases department of the Sacco hospital in Milan. Interviewed by beraking latest news Health, the now retired doctor says that the increase in infections and a higher percentage of hospitalizations “was a predictable event at this time of year, with the circulation of variants underway and with the opening of all activities”.

But, according to Galli, “the conditions exist for it to do less damage than in the past”. It could therefore be “a small wave and not a big wave”. By now, according to the former infectious disease specialist del Sacco, “we are faced with a reality in which a large number of people have encountered the virus”, considering more than 22 million confirmed infections, in which reinfections must be taken into account, but adding also “many infections never reported”.

This means “that people are better protected against serious infection,” says Galli. Vaccinations can then represent a further shield: the campaign for the fourth dose of vaccine, updated to the Omicron variant, is underway. “I therefore do not believe – concludes the doctor – that the current wave can have the scope of those we have already experienced”.

Source: MilanoToday.

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