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the incredible experiment of the US tycoon

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the incredible experiment of the US tycoon

Go from the age of forty-five to eighteen. This is the mission that the American Bryan Johnson has given himself, the hi-tech entrepreneur who became rich after selling his Braintree payment solutions to eBay in 2013 for 800 million dollars. Johnson after so much stress accumulated due to the bad lifestyle during his entrepreneurial adventure, even after coming out with a rich “loot” from that experience it was no better, so much so that he confessed in an interview with Bloomberg that he felt depressed for a long time and had suicidal thoughts several times. Until two years ago, in the midst of the pandemic, he matured the new purpose of his life, that of embarking on a journey to understand how his body works and make him rejuvenate. A project that he called Project Blueprint and that sees him as a guinea pig for experiments to bring back all his organs, including his brain, at the age of 18.

Having sold his Braintree, the tycoon bought a six million dollar villa in Venice Beach, a seaside resort south of Los Angeles where he moved with his wife and their three children. In 2021 Johnson hired the regenerative doctor Oliver Zolman and together they put together a team of about thirty doctors and experts who study his body, test each of his organs and design strategies and experiments for their rejuvenation.

All for an expense of two million dollars a year which in the last year and a half would seem to have set the body’s hands back on average five years back, but with the heart of a thirty-seven year old, the skin of a 28-year-old and would already have achieved goal 18 for lung capacity and fitness. In practice he would have worked – given that the forty-five year-old rather than following a healthy lifestyle claims to do a real job every day that takes him most of the day – to stop time, without however enjoying it too much. As told by the Daily Mail, Johnson has transformed the lifestyle into a real job that from the outside would also seem very stressful.

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She wakes up at 5 in the morning, takes over twenty supplements a day, eats a strict vegan diet of exactly 1,977 calories, making sure her body fat levels always stay between 5 and 6 percent. Johnson does daily one-hour workouts four times a week at moderate grade and the other three times at intense grade.

Then it constantly monitors body temperature while awake, blood glucose, changes in heart rate, oxygen levels while asleep and bone weight. He does not choose what to eat but, as he stated in a video posted on Youtube, «my conscious mind is never consulted on what it wants to eat, my body does it» explaining then that «the measurements ask my liver, my heart and my DNA what they need to thrive as biological processes and organs of my body».

He periodically undergoes electromagnetic pulses to improve muscle tone and wears blue light blocking glasses for two hours before going to sleep, which he does at the same time every night. She has regular tests, some daily, some weekly, of the kidneys, prostate, thyroid and nervous system. And when he’s finished all this, the rest of the day is spent largely studying discoveries, strategies and experimental therapies to undergo. There is no shortage of drawbacks, as he himself said, from the allergic reaction he had during an operation in which fat was injected into his face to the risk of heart malfunction when his body fat dropped to 3%. All documented and placed in a database, including 33,537 images of his intestines.

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