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The invisible danger in the home.

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The invisible danger in the home.

Professional measurements of electromagnetic fields by experts.

Together we make your workplace safe. Guaranteed!

The effects of electromagnetic, electric or magnetic fields in everyday life are omnipresent. Using a simple example, Mario Bande, CEO of BooM.ing GmbH, explains why education is important and what dangers prevail not only at work but also in everyday life.

Induction cooktops offer a pleasantly energy-efficient alternative to gas and electric stoves in the home.

Instead of simply heating pots and pans, induction cookers create magnetic fields that cause eddy currents in the cookware to bring the contents to a boil.

Nevertheless, caution is advised for some groups of people. People with pacemakers should keep a safe distance of at least one meter. In medicine, for example, magnets are used to control these devices or turn them off. Magnets can ultimately disrupt the safe operation of the implants.

But the solution is so simple and intuitive.

“If the device was in the left shoulder under the collarbone, you could stand with your right shoulder towards the stove and everything would be fine. As soon as you move away from the device, the effect of the field is canceled directly anyway,” says the electrical engineer.

Is your workplace safe? Find out more at www.emf-bewertung.de

BooM.ing GmbH is an expert service provider for operational safety in the event of exposure to EMF at the workplace. With established expert knowledge and certified measurement methods, hazards from electromagnetic, magnetic and electric fields are identified, evaluated in detail and exposures are reduced with the utmost care.

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