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The Long-Awaited School Gym Construction Project Approved in Arezzo

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The Long-Awaited School Gym Construction Project Approved in Arezzo

Arezzo to Construct New Gym for Piero della Francesca Middle School

Arezzo, 28 September 2023 – The residents of Arezzo can finally breathe a sigh of relief as the long-awaited completion of the school complex in Via Malpighi draws near. In a recent meeting, the Council approved the project for the construction of a gym to serve the Piero della Francesca middle school.

Due to financial constraints and the need to procure resources, the construction project will be divided into two lots. The gym will be part of the first lot, which includes the construction of a structure with a total internal area of approximately 750 square meters, including a tennis court and a space for the public.

Councilor Alessandro Casi explained, “The creation of spaces for physical activity adjacent to schools is a necessary response to the lack of sports facilities serving them. Once the first lot of work is completed, the gym will be immediately available for student activities. Moreover, local sports associations will also have access to the facility in the afternoon hours outside of school.”

With the approval of the project, the process of assigning the construction works to the executing company will begin. The company will have to take charge of the construction site area by the end of the year.

The investment for the construction of the first lot is estimated to be €450,000. The Tuscany Region will finance a significant portion of €300,000, with the remaining €150,000 being provided by the Municipality of Arezzo. Access to the gym will be possible directly from the Piero della Francesca middle school’s lower floor via a special covered pathway. Alternatively, it can also be accessed from outside through the existing vehicle ramp on Via Malpighi and the pedestrian path on Via Morgagni.

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The construction of the much-needed gym will not only benefit the students of Piero della Francesca middle school but also provide a valuable space for local sports associations. The project marks an important step towards meeting the community’s demand for accessible sports facilities and promoting overall well-being among the youth of Arezzo.

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