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The new edition of 2031 is starting: 41 awards for startups and innovative companies

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The new edition of 2031 is starting: 41 awards for startups and innovative companies

It is open until July 14th the announcement to participate in the new edition of 2031, formerly the Gaetano Marzotto Award, one of the most important competitions dedicated to innovation in our country. Since 2010, the year the initiative was launched, over seven thousand startups have passed, hundreds of prizes and paths started and tens of millions of euros in investments generated with the participation of hundreds of partners involved.

The winter of startups

by Riccardo Luna

27 Maggio 2022

Organized by 2031, with Italian Tech, the initiative can count on the presence of over one hundred partners with 41 awards, of which 14 Corporate and 26 promoted by Incubators, Accelerators, Science and Technology Parks. A great effort made possible thanks to the main partners Business International – The Executive Network Fiera Milano, Cisco, Lendlease and Repower, to the digital partner Fondazione Italiana Accenture in collaboration with InnovUp – Italian Innovation & Startup Ecosystem, and the support of the entire Italian innovation. “There is no time to wait. We have everything to rethink and reinvent. We live in exceptional times where new ideas are fundamental to give a sense and a new shape to the world we live in, in every sector, especially in the ESG, environment, social and governance sector – declared Cristiano Seganfreddo, President of 2031 – this is a extraordinary group of innovation actors, which makes the difference, thanks to tech multinationals and large companies, entrepreneurs, ventures, angels, journalists, and innovators of all kinds. This award of prizes really changes the life of the startups and the companies that participate in it. “

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“We launched our startup in Ukraine. Now the war has changed everything”

by Arcangelo Rociola

27 Maggio 2022

The announcement in detail

2031 is a competition open to individuals, project teams, startups and already established companies, who have a new business idea, capable of generating an economic impact and a positive social impact mainly on the Italian territory, with headquarters and development base in Italy, but the capacity for international growth. Divided into two calls, it allows, through a single application, to compete simultaneously in multiple courses. I 40 partner of the prize through these calls have the possibility to select the finalist startups of their single prize. The ideas proposed must be original, innovative and feasible, financially sustainable and capable of generating economic returns. Participation is free.

The selection

All ideas will be selected by a selection committee of over fifty members, representing the best of innovation in Italy, led by Danilo Mazzara, Strategy Advisor I Open Innovation Lead of Accenture Strategy & Consulting. To participate, you must fill out the online form from the “Participate” section of the website www.2-0-3-1.com, in accordance with the terms provided. The deadline for submitting proposals is 14 July 2022, the Incubators Network and Science and Technology Parks award ceremony scheduled for November 2022 and Milan, final scheduled for December 2022.

And premium

Lots of opportunities to let your idea fly with i awards from major multinational companies and global companies from the banking sector to energy, from telecommunications to technology, from health to medical, to agriculture to fashion, to digital with the following awards: 2030 Social Impact Special Award, Accenture Special Award, Cisco Special Award, EY Special Award , Flash Art Special Award, Ga.Ma. Special Award, Invitalia Special Award, Microsoft Special Award, MIND Special Award, Repower Special Award, Santa Margherita Special Award, UniCredit Start Lab Special Award.

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From idea to business

There is also space for social commitment with the Prize from the idea to the business, supported by Margherita Marzotto, with a contribution of 50,000 euros to the best company with a strong social impact. “We are in a phase of maturity for innovation that must become structural and not simply an ambition or a trend – commented Riccardo Luna, Director of Italian Tech. The next five years will be fundamental to rewrite the Italy we want, taking advantage of great challenges of digital, technology, ESGs, sectors in which Italy can be and is a leader. In addition, infinite construction sites will open, with funds from the NRP, which will generate the greatest digital and technological transformation in our history “.

Coaching courses offered by the network

Also up for grabs, through participation in the two calls, are 26 Awards, training courses offered by the network of incubators and affiliated science and technology parks and various Special Awards promoted by the corporate partners with InnovUp-Italian Innovation & Startup Ecosystem.

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