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The perfect tan starts at the table: the top ten fruit and vegetables that help you with this

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The perfect tan starts at the table: the top ten fruit and vegetables that help you with this

In the summer we want to tan and show off our bronze complexion. Here’s how to achieve the perfect tan with fruit and vegetables.

In the summer, the goal of most people is to show off aperfect tan. To do this, every means is allowed: spending hours and hours lying in the sun, using super tanning oils, and so on and so forth.

What if the secret to the perfect tan is hidden at the table? There are some foods, fruits and vegetables in particular, that help you achieve the bronze color of your dreams.

Fruit and vegetables promote a tan: here is the ranking of those that help you with this

Fruits and vegetables they are foods rich in vitamin A and carotenoids which favor the production of melanin (which is responsible for the typical tan colour). Instead, beta-carotene is found in green, orange and yellow vegetables. According to a Coldiretti survey, one out of three Italians eats these foods much more in the summer.

The ranking of fruit and vegetables that make you tan the most – tantasalute.it

Ecco the ranking of plants that promote tanning:

Carrots Radishes and spinach Apricots Chicory and lettuce Melons Celery Peppers Tomatoes Peaches Watermelons, strawberries and cherries

Furthermore, these fruits and vegetables allow you to take mineral salts, vitamins and water, protect the skin and replenish what is lost when you sweat due to the heat.

Still on the subject of nutrition, you can consume foods rich in Omega 3. We are talking, for example, of dried fruit such as walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts. Or, oil and flaxseed, chia seeds, seaweed and avocado.

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Beyond food, to accentuate the tan and prolong its colour, remember to protect yourself from the sun’s rays by using sunscreen, avoiding exposure during the hottest hours, and wearing hats, sunglasses and T-shirts. And if you get burned, don’t worry: even in this case food is an ally. You can make plain yogurt wraps, masks with watermelon slices or grated apple.

So, to have a perfect tan, you can take fruits and vegetables. In general, these foods are important to eat throughout the year but, in the heat, they also become essential for rehydrating all the liquids lost (through sweat, for example).

Therefore, eating fruit and vegetables helps on several fronts and it is certainly nice to know that by eating these foods that are good for you, you are also able to improve tan to show off during the beautiful and hot summer days.

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