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The services for citizens of the ESF and EDS

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The services for citizens of the ESF and EDS

In addition to the services for the ESF, let’s see what services it would be possible to create on the Health Data Ecosystem.

The examination of the services of the ESF 2.0 and the EDS continues in this article (here you will find the first, the second and the third), shifting, this time, the perspective onto the citizens. While originally the ESF services for citizens were those linked to the consultation and production of health documents and their access, in ESF 2.0, along the lines of what some regions had already done, the perimeter was expanded to include administrative and management services which, in reality, they have very little to do with the contents of the File. An attempt to artificially increase the number of accesses, so as to demonstrate its usefulness and success.

The implementing decree of the ESF 2.0 defines these services for citizens:

Document management services

Consultation of document list Consult document Inserts notebook data Edit notebook document Inserts notebook document Delete notebook document

Privacy management services

Redact document View access log Receive notifications and alerts View consent Communicate consent

NHS services

Consult administrative data Choice, change doctor Revocation doctor Request exemption change

Services for access to services

Book services Pay tickets

In addition to these, what other services would it be possible to develop with the Healthcare Data Ecosystem? The considerations expressed in the previous article in which I explained the content of the documents and their structure also apply in this case.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of possible services:

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Services for adherence to therapies Services for the self-assessment of pharmacological risks (e.g. the administration of a drug without a prescription – SOP or OTC – compared to one’s therapy) Services for requesting the renewal of drug prescriptions Services for synchronization of the calendar of your smartphone or PC with service reservations Services for post-hospitalization follow-up (starting from the Hospital Discharge Letter) or after PC access (starting from the ED report) Information services on booked services or pathologies from which you are affected (personal medical encyclopedia) Services for viewing the trends of laboratory results and vital parameters Services for synchronizing the sensors and health apps (which integrate with many medical devices) of your smartphone with the health notebook

Also in this case, the real success of the ESF will depend on the quantity and quantity of the EDS services for citizens that will need to begin to be planned and implemented. Together with them and healthcare professionals.

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