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the trick to losing weight fast

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the trick to losing weight fast

Walking: Do you know there is a way to lose weight faster? Let’s read this article and find out how.

As we have already repeated several times, play sports and have good nutrition, recommended by specialist doctors in the sector, can only help our body. But if we don’t have time, or in any case we have little available, to try to lose a few kilos, we usually prefer the running or walking.

Walking: a way to lose weight easier (Pixabay)

Walking is usually that physical activity that you always do: but you know that there is a way to be able to lose weight faster? If you do this activity regularly you get to lose fat and reduce many inches of the waistline. There is a way that could allow you to lose more calories.

Walking: a way to lose weight more easily

What you have to do is very simple: in fact, you will have to first start with a walklisten to me at a slow pacefor my first About 10 minutes.

Only after these minutes, you can take a brisk walk, for about 30 seconds. After this time, the pace of walking is reduced. When you get your energy backthen you can start again to walk fast, again for another 30 seconds. And it should be repeated 9 times.

When you have finished this alternation, you will have to walk for another 5 minutes a slow pace as a cool down. This exercise is recommended by the physiologist Tom Holland, who explains that “breaking the rhythm can burn several calories”. However, these exercises are not only good for the waistline, but they help reduce the overall weight. In short, keeping fit is very healthy for our body.

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Walking: a way to lose weight more easily
Walk at a slow and then sustained pace (Web Sources)

But as we have already said, however, sometimes there is just no time to go to the gym to be able to do some exercises. For this reason, this alternation of rhythms within the same walk could be for you. Let us also remember once again, that it is very important too have good nutrition. For this we recommend that you go to a nutritionist or dietician to help you understand which foods are right for you. So what do you think of this alternation, first walking at a slow pace and then at a brisk pace?

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