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there is a food to be forbidden to children

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there is a food to be forbidden to children

WHO reminds everyone how important nutrition is. That’s why it raises the alarm on a specific ingredient that is to be avoided for the little ones

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The growth of children it is a beautiful and delicate moment in life. It is in this period of time that the organism develops and forms and therefore a lot of attention must be paid to thePower supply of the little ones to protect them and allow them to follow a healthy and normal development. Babies and children up to about two years of age, after weaning, cannot eat everything.

In particular there is a ingredients what they are for bandit. L’OMS, the World Health Organization, reminds everyone, stating that it would be better to keep the taboo up to 18 years. Here’s what it is.

WHO and the alarm for children: here’s what to ban

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This is the sugar, forbidden as recalled by the WHO, ai children up to 2 years. The Organization launches a new warning to families and in support of children, recalling that the sweetener would be better to avoid even up to 18 years or in any case limited to only 25 grams per day.

No to sugar does not only mean that in grains but everything present in food, especially some specific for children such as lollipops, cotton candy, candies that are full of sugar. It is an absolutely wrong gesture that only goes to the detriment of the child’s health.

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For this reason, the organization in support of health wanted to relaunch a research carried out by the American Hearth Association which showed how giving sugar to babies and very young children has various repercussions over time.

From America, therefore, one leaves awareness campaign for parents who are reminded that for the first five years, children should drink only water and milk, and little fruit juice. One way this for fight diabetes and obesityvery common problems in America and developed countries.

In Italy the situation is slightly better but not to be underestimated because also in our country the cases of obesity and overweight are growing. This was stated in a study by the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital which almost involved 6 thousand children between 2 and 6 years oldvisited by pediatricians from the FIMP, the Italian Federation of Pediatric Doctors.

Research photographs such as the 10% of children are overweight or obesethe result of detailed analyzes also carried out on the blood which revealed that almost 40% of the children visited had at least one metabolism abnormality.

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