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These balcony plants are very important for health

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These balcony plants are very important for health

The aromatic plants that we keep on the balcony can promote our health, used in this way they help us fight seasonal ailments.

Sick girl drinks herbal tea (Pixabay)


We are going through the most delicate season of the year of all. In autumn the first ones arrive seasonal ailments, caused by the first colds. Fever, body aches, sore throat, cough and cold are the most common symptoms, not to mention a good dose of daily stress which greatly affects the lowering of the immune defenses.

Usually, they are short-term, temporary disorders and pathologies, you stay a few days at rest, at home, and recover in a short time. To favor the healing processhowever, we can take advantage of the properties of some plants that we have on the balcony: aromatic herbs. These have been considered medicinal plants for millennia.

Medicinal plants useful for fighting ailments and improving health

herbal health infusion
Herbal tea all erbe (Pixabay)

Given the characteristics antiseptics and expectorants, aromatic herbs are useful to recover energy and to counteract seasonal ailments. These are also able to relieve stress, relieving tension and fatigue. For example, we can fight the sinusitis using bay leaf, mint and eucalyptus.

This discomfort, which affects the respiratory tract and causes a sense of swelling of the eyelids, can be combated through the fumigations. Just prepare a bowl of boiling water in which we throw bay leaves, mint and eucalyptus, and breathe the vapors for about ten minutes. In this way, we are going to decongest the airways.

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Aromatic herbs to prevent seasonal ailments

beneficial properties of plants
Seedling of hyssop (Pixabay)

This is a good way to heal quickly, especially if done in the evening, before going to bed. To heal from coughinstead, we can take advantage of hyssop, a very pleasant plant to see, of which both the leaves and the flowers can be used. These are great for flaming the red throatjust make a good infusion and drink it a couple of times a day.

seasonal ailments prevention of aromatic herbs
Thyme essential oil (Pixabay)

Thyme is also excellent for relieving sore throats and coughs, thanks to its antibacterial properties. It can be drunk as an infusion, leaving the leaves in boiling water for about ten minutes. Maybe we can add a teaspoon of honey, or mix it with mint or lemon balm leaves.

Echinacea, on the other hand, is useful for fighting flu and muscle aches. Furthermore, to relieve stress and relax the senses, we can not only enjoy good hot herbal teas, but also take advantage of aromatherapy. Spreading essences of chamomile, lavender, lime, mallow, or essential oils or dried leaves in the environment, can be breathed in to find the relaxation necessary for healing.

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