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“They cut off half my penis and I have a year left to live”

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“They cut off half my penis and I have a year left to live”

Gavin Brooks had three misdiagnoses before discovering he had the cancer. The former British Army veteran said he has genital cancer and chemotherapy isn’t working. Although he had half of his penis removed in hopes of removing the cancer cells, doctors say he has a year to live.

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The story

Gavin Brooks is a former British Army officer. He visited military medics three times in 2021, after spotting a ring of skin around his foreskin and later a lesion on the tip of his penis. Initially his doctor thought he could be a wart, a diagnosis that did not convince the soldier.

A month later he checked again, explaining that it couldn’t be that, but the doctor insisted it was a wart. Another specialist instead diagnosed an infection, prescribing a soothing cream. Not having the desired results, he decided to go to a specialized clinic, where he was given a biopsy and received the terrible news: penile cancer.

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The intervention

The ex-military immediately began chemotherapy and went under the knife last January to have part of his penis removed. “They lifted my penis and cut it in half. Then they took a skin graft from my leg to reconstruct the glans, but it’s flat with a hole,” he said.

However, her cancer had already spread, so her ordeal continued and now her life expectancy is just a year. “I can’t walk long distances and now use a wheelchair more than I walk,” she said. “I spent 24 years in the military and much of that time as a fitness instructor. Now I have to sit in a wheelchair and watch my little boy play football,” he says. “If I had been diagnosed earlier, perhaps a circumcision would have been enough for me which could have prevented the rest of the operations and chemotherapy,” he commented.

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