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Third dose Covid, at the Polyclinic focus on fragile patients in the clinic. Vaccinated 87% of the Apulians

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Focus on third doses for frail patients in Puglia, thanks to the work of specialized care centers, which are complying with the new circular from the president of the Puglia Region and the director of the Health Department Vito Montanaro, which establishes the highest priority for these population groups

Among the particularly active aids is the Policlinico di Bari, which has already vaccinated almost 50% of the frail under treatment at specialist centers. The mechanism that has been tested since the beginning of the vaccination campaign provides for a direct call from the clinic, an appointment in a dedicated clinic and scheduled vaccination based on the treatments and medicines taken in recent months. For immunosuppressed, neurological, haematological and oncological patients, in fact, the vaccine must be administered to measure, accurately calculating the times and the interval of days necessary with the therapies followed.

“The third dose for the most fragile, who have a compromised immune system, is used to complete the vaccination cycle: it is not an optional but represents a safety shield – comments the general director of the Bari Polyclinic, Giovanni Migliore – We have developed for the next two weeks an administration plan for chronic patients who have received the second dose for more than six months: we plan to vaccinate another 5 thousand fragile people with the third dose “.

As early as next Monday, 25 vaccination clinics have been identified and will be active in the Bari Polyclinic to proceed with vaccination in the next two weeks of fragile patients who, according to the calendar, will reach the expiration of six months from the second. dose. The vaccination plan, prepared by the control room of the Policlinico di Bari coordinated by Professor Silvio Tafuri, will include an extraordinary third dose administration activity for Saturday 27 November: 42 clinics will be operational in 8 consecutive hours to vaccinate 3 thousand people.

“The most fragile and disabled patients are absolutely priority – explains President Emiliano – for this reason we are in constant contact with the general managers and with the coordinators of the specialist networks to ensure that the entire health system is an active part in personally contacting these people. , explain the reasons for the importance of the recall and immediately schedule the administration. Together with the frail, their caregivers and cohabiting family members (from Monday even over 40 according to national regulations) can be vaccinated so that the protection from covìd is maximum and timely. it is also covered by the family doctors who in a few days will enter the field with their capillary network and with the irreplaceable ability to relate to their clients. We asked them to look for in their lists even those who have not yet received the first dose to explain how important it is to be safe To all operators in field I extend my sincere thanks right now. In this way we will react to the fourth wave that is coming and which we must reject with the usual efficiency and with a sense of responsibility towards others. Thanks to all those who will be vaccinated again and who in this way will help us defeat the virus “.

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A strong invitation to immediately make the third comes from the regional coordinator of the transplant program, Tino Gesualdo: “Today I would like to make an appeal: I got vaccinated, I took the third dose. Do it too. Why do you have to get vaccinated? Because we must protect the most fragile population. Well, the population of our frail, our transplanted and the patients waiting for a transplant, did it. Puglia is in first place in Italy, we have the highest percentage of transplanted and awaiting transplant patients who have been vaccinated, with a percentage that exceeds 85%. You do it too “.

The governor’s circular: “Priority to the frail and severely disabled”

Administration in favor of frail subjects and / or with severe disabilities
The administration of the “booster” dose in favor of the subjects:
In conditions of high fragility [1];
In a condition of serious disability (Article 3 paragraph 3 of Law 104/92);
· In ADI / ADP and of non-ambulatory subjects;
will be insured:
a) by the Specialist Centers and by the Nodes of the Pathology and Rare Diseases Networks of Puglia that have such subjects in charge;
b) by accredited public and private hospitalization facilities where patients in the above conditions are hospitalized;
c) by General Practitioners and Free Choice Pediatricians, at their respective clinics, for patients in highly frail conditions, in a condition of severe disability who are not already under the care of the Centers and Structures referred to in the previous letters;
d) by General Practitioners, by Free Choice Pediatricians and by USCA, at the person’s home, for patients with ADI / ADP and for non-ambulatory patients.
For all these subjects the highest priority is ensured and, therefore, the structures and professions indicated above activate the active call, with the setting of the date of administration of the booster dose following the criterion of administration in order of starting of the term of 180 days from the completion of the primary vaccination cycle.
To this end, it should be noted that General Practitioners and Free Choice Pediatricians can verify the vaccination position of their patients and activate all the planned actions (sensitization, active call, appointment setting) directly using their outpatient software, thanks to the application cooperation already implemented for some time with the regional information system “GIAVA”.
The General Managers of the Local Health Authorities ensure the constant monitoring of the progress of the administration of the booster dose for this category of subjects in order to implement actions to recover coverage also by organizing “open days” at the Points Population vaccinations or at the Territorial Vaccination Points.
Access to vaccination, for this category of subjects, must take place through an active call from the Facilities and Providers, also using the telephone contact details communicated by the interested parties for the purposes of the anti SARS-CoV-2 / Covid-19 vaccination.
We remind you that the registration of the administration data must take place immediately in the regional information system “GIAVA” using the “Risk Category” identified as “Vulnerable subject due to pathology” and the corresponding “Health condition at risk” must also be registered.
For this category of subjects, the vaccination of caregivers (parents, guardians, foster carers, assistants, cohabiting family members) will also be ensured if they do not intend to access the administration at the Vaccinal Points (Population, Hospital or Territorial).

1. Administration of “additional” dose for immunocompromised subjects
With circular letter prot. 0041416 of 14.09.2021, the Ministry of Health has provided indications on the completion of the primary vaccination cycle for the immunocompromised with the administration of the “additional” dose of vaccine at least 28 days after the last dose.
Therefore, the specialized centers and nodes of the Pathology and Rare Diseases Networks of Puglia as well as the accredited public and private hospitalization structures, as already indicated with note prot. AOO / 005/0007235 of 09.11.2021 who care for immunocompromised subjects ensure the completion of the primary vaccination cycle with the administration of the “additional” dose by 30.11.2021.

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The vaccination campaign

According to the data provided by the Government, a total of 184,767 third doses were administered in Puglia, equal to 5.2% of the audience against 6.9% of the national average, which is gradually approaching, while the coverage of first doses (since last Monday 15 November in Puglia we have recovered 6,084 unvaccinated subjects) and second doses.

About 87% of the Apulian population completed the first cycle against 84% national average (97% over 80 Puglia vs 94% Italy; 97% 70-79 Puglia vs 92% Italy; 95% 60-69 Puglia vs 89% Italy ). In Puglia the weekly incidence rate is 40 cases per 100,000 against a national average of 102, currently the lowest incidence of infections in Italy after Basilicata.


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