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Those who take precautions have fewer worries!

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Those who take precautions have fewer worries!

For our grandparents it was normal – building up reserves. They saved money, stored food supplies and heating material. They went to bed early because cell phones and TV didn’t exist around the clock yet.

Natural home remedies were used for health care.

Pandemics, wars and energy price explosions have refocused our attention on saving and precautions. Most of us can now save or make provisions relatively easily without having to sacrifice comfort. For example…

– when using water, electricity or heating material,

– shop more consciously and avoid unnecessary spending,

– less stimulants, smoking less, eating less,

– move more, short distances e.g. to go shopping by bike or

Walking saves gas and is good for your health and the environment.

Those who save carefully have more ease and joy in life.

Prevention is the basis for a better, healthier and more worry-free life. It creates security and freedom, prevents fear, stress and many sleepless nights. It saves time and money and creates peace and stability.

The benefits of precaution are often forgotten.

Today we are used to getting EVERYTHING – from anywhere in the world – in abundance – 24 hours a day – IMMEDIATELY! It is undisputed that this modern way of life has led to massive environmental changes and pollution over the last 30 years. As a result, the massive environmental changes are now also having an extremely negative impact on the biological processes in humans, animals and plants.

That’s why health care is so important!

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More and more people are sick; the number of people with sleep disorders has almost doubled in 20 years. Cancer and neurological diseases are increasing noticeably in people under 50 years of age. And natural fertility in young men and women is declining dramatically!

Health is the most important precaution!

Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing!” (Schopenhauer)

The environment has changed extremely quickly, but not the biology of people!

Just 150 years ago, the world was silent and completely dark at night.

Today we turned night into day – and that has consequences!

Light pollution and constant radiation at night on our brain – caused by more and more radio/technology – prevent restful sleep, night-time regeneration, the release of hormones and messenger substances and much more. These natural processes no longer work the way nature intended them to. However, they can be activated again immediately if the conditions at the sleeping place are right.

You can find out more about this at: www.at-home.de

The best precaution for your healthy life is a healthy place to sleep!

A healthy sleeping place must be free of radiation so that restful sleep is possible and the “repair work” in the body can take place optimally at night! And it’s always possible and much easier than you probably expect! Because it’s not the technology that’s the problem, it’s mostly how you deal with it.

The goal must be to learn to use technology sensibly and in a health-conscious manner.

When it comes to technical measurements at the sleeping place, our customers often ask:

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“Why hasn’t anyone told us this before?”

It is urgent for our children to learn modern technology

to use them sensibly and safely in order to take precautions now to maintain their health.

A healthy place to sleep is the best health care in the world!

Therefore, get your sleeping space in order!

By taking precautions you can save yourself a lot of money, time, effort and illness.

If you have any questions or would like a free initial consultation,

then simply call us or write us an email.

We would like to help you.

We wish you a Merry Christmas

Annemarie Heuer and the entire at-home team

…your experts for a strong immune system while you sleep and for the best health care in the world!

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