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Today’s match is now LIVE

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Today’s match is now LIVE

BARI – Second round of the playoff semifinal between Bari and Sudtirol: starting from the 1-0 in favor of the South Tyroleans gained at the end of the first leg. Compulsory win, therefore, for Mignani’s team that will have to overcome Bisoli’s one with any result within regulation time. Sudtirol, on the other hand, has two out of three results available to reach the final.


90’+9 – Triple whistle: Bari are in the final

It ends here! The referee Sozza gives the triple whistle: Bari wins 1-0 and qualifies for the play off final.


90′ + 9 – Carretta nearly equals

Very excited action in the Bari area: a first shot by Tait is rejected, the action continues and Carretta shoots, the ball slipping past the post.


90′ +7 – Bari Botta-Zuzek substitution

Mignani changes again: Zuzek in for Botta.


90’+6 – Cheddira’s double was canceled due to offside

Cheddira scores the 2-0 but does so from a clearly irregular position.


90’+5 – Siega falls in the area, check by Var

In the Bari area Siega goes down: the Var check does not detect the details for the penalty.


90’+4 – Sudtirol occasion with Tait

Sudtirol tries desperately in the final: shot from the edge of Tait, ball that goes out at the far post.


90′ – 6′ of recovery

The referee Sozza allows 6 minutes of recovery: we play until the 96th minute.


90′ – Vinetot and Folorunsho booked

A yellow on each side: Vinetot and Folorunsho sanctioned, nervousness on the pitch.


87′ – Tyro-cross at Rover

Rover attempts a cross shot which ends high over the crossbar.


76′ – Cambi Sudtirol: out Celli and De Col, in Rover and Carretta

Fresh forces also for Bisoli who throws Rover and Carretta into the fray, who take the place of Celli and De Col.


75′ – Contact in the Zaro-Cheddira area, Sozza lets it go

Contact in the Cheddira-Zaro area, for match director Sozza there are no conditions to assign the maximum punishment.

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70′ – Bari takes the lead with Benedetti!

Entered from a handful of seconds, Benedetti unlocks the match by giving Bari the lead. Mignani’s substitutions pay off immediately: Botta (also a new entrant), crosses in the middle where Cheddira does not control, but Benedetti arrives and pushes her into the net, 1 -0.


68′ – Three substitutions for Mignani: inside Botta, Folorunsho and Benedetti

Fresh forces for Bari: Mignani removes Morachioli, Esposito and Maita, in Montero, Folorunho and Benedetti.


64′ – Sudtirol yellow card: Siega

Siega puts Dorval on the ground and gets a yellow card.


57′ – Mazzocchi booked, goes out immediately: Larrivey in his place

Yellow card for Mazzocchi, author of a foul in midfield on Maita: Bisoli replaces him immediately, inserting Larrivey.


48′ – Bari’s first attempt with Esposito

The first attempt at recovery is from Bari: Esposito calls Poluzzi into question, able to reject.


Changes at half-time: in Bari Matino for Bellomo. Sieg for Eklu

A change on each side in the interval: for Bari Matino takes over Bellomo, in Sudtirol Siega takes the place of Eklu.


46′ – The second half begins

Bari and Sudtirol are back on the pitch: the second half begins


45’+5 – The first half ends

The referee Sozza says it will be enough for this first half, double whistle and everyone in the locker room on 0-0. However, Bari will have to face the whole recovery in numerical inferiority, due to the red light remedied by Ricci.


45’+5 Celli’s free-kick just wide

Ricci’s free kick following the red light was taken by Celli: aided by a deflection, the ball went out shortly after.


45’+3 – Bari in 10, red for Ricci

Bari remains outnumbered: Sudtirol goes on the counterattack with Curto and Ricci lands him as the last man, direct red.


45’+2 – Vicari engages Poluzzi

Bari tries everything to go ahead at half-time: another header, this time by Vicari, a good response from goalkeeper Poluzzi who saves everything.

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45’+2 – Cheddira nearly takes the lead

Nice cross from Dorval, nice also the gap from Cheddira who directs to the net: Vinetot’s deflection avoids the danger.


45′ – 3 minutes of recovery

The referee Sozza allows 3′ of added time: the game goes on until the 48th minute.


41′ – Vicari’s header

Vicari’s header was dangerous which, thanks to a deflection by Zaro, ends up on the back foot.


38′ – Maita tries for Sudtirol

Conclusion from distance for Sudtirol: Maita shoots but the ball, deflected by Fiordilino, goes out.


34′ – Cheddira close to the lead

Nice action by Bari who comes close to scoring: Ricci serves Esposito who turns and passes the ball, in the area, to Cheddira: he too turns great (on Vinetot) and shoots on goal, the ball goes off a puff to the side.


31′ – Eklu booked in Sudtirol

The first yellow card of the match arrives: Eklu from Sudtirol makes up for it, sanctioned for an entry on Dorval. Shortly before, Vicari had stopped for a moment and requested treatment from the medical staff before continuing the match.


25′ – Sudtirol’s first real push

In the 25th minute Sudtirol’s first real thrust arrives with a shot from Celli which is rejected by the Bari defense. The action continues through De Col, but Bellomo neutralizes the cross.


21′ – Esposito’s cross shot

Bari is still the one to play the game, who must win (with any result) to earn the final: in the 21st minute Esposito’s cross-shot arrives, without success.


18′ – Bari shows up again with Cheddira

Ricci serves Cheddira who, thanks to Zaro’s intervention, is unable to turn around: the opposing goalkeeper Poluzzi can recover the ball.


15′ – Sudtirol in offensive projection

After a Bari-branded start, Sudtirol also tries the first foray, but Dorval closes everything on Odogwu.


13′ – Sudtirol substitution: Eklu replaces Belardinelli

Belardinelli’s second leg lasts only 13′: the Sudtirol player accuses a problem with his left knee, Bisoli sends Eklu onto the field in his place.

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8′ – Again Esposito, corner

Esposito tries again, earning only a corner kick.


7′ – Cheddira from distance

Bari starts aggressively and, after Esposito’s attempt, Cheddira’s oversized conclusion arrives.


6′ – First conclusion of the match with Esposito

In the 6th minute comes the first attempt at the net, with a left footed shot from the edge by Esposito: ball out with a deflection by Cheddira, it’s cleared from goal.


1′ – The return semi-final begins!

The referee of the match Simone Sozza whistles the beginning of the second leg semifinal between Bari and Sudirol. Last 90′ plus added time to earn the final.


San Nicola crowded, record spectators

Season record for the second leg semi-final between Bari and Sudtirol: 51,106 spectators are present at the San Nicola stadium. The previous record 48,877 was also recorded at San Nicola, for Bari-Genoa.


Final goal

Bari and Sudtirol face off to earn the right to play for the playoff final, with two-way matches scheduled for 8 and 11 July. The other finalist will emerge from the match between Cagliari and Parma (first leg 3-2 for the Sardinians).



With the first leg, the previous seasons between Bari and Sudtirol rise to 3. In the regular season at the Druso the match ended in a draw (2-2), while at the San Nicola Bari won 1-0. The previous third is game 1 of the semifinals, with Sudtirol winning 1-0.


Official formations Bari-Sudtirol

BARI (4-3-3): Caprile; Dorval, Di Cesare, Vicari, Ricci; Maita, Maiello, Bellomo; Morachioli, Esposito, Cheddira. Subs: Sarri, Matino, Antenucci, Benali, Botta, Zuzek, Mazzotta, Ceter, Molina, Benedetti, Folorunsho, Mallamo. Coach: Mignani.

SOUTH TYROL (3-5-1-1): Poluzzi; Curto, Zaro, Vinetot; De Col, Tait, Fiordilino, Belardinelli, Celli; Mazzocchi; Odogwu. Subs: Minelli, Siega, Lunetta, Carretta, Cisse, Casiraghi, Rover, Eklu, Pompetti, Davi, Larrivey, Giorgini. Coach: Bisoli.

San Nicola Stadium, Bari

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