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Top Influencer on Twitter, Fedez’s surprise

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Twitter was born in 2006 as a service for sharing short messages of 140 characters. Over time, the number of characters has doubled and all the expressive modes present on other social networks have been added, from videos to stories. The social network today has 211 million daily users worldwide, while in Italy it has an average monthly audience of about 12 million people.

The company recently revealed its desire to offer influencers opportunities for monetizing their content and is preparing to introduce paid functions for users.
Twitter has always been the territory of journalists and politicians, but according to data from Buzzoole Discovery the ranking of the 10 most followed profiles, who live in Italy, is almost monopolized by players and some celebrities.
A peculiarity found in the analysis is that as the number of followers increases, the interactions obtained on average from shared contents tend to decrease. In particular, the last two classified, thanks to the virality of their tweets, manage to triple the interactions generated by the first in the standings.


10. Fedez. The Italian rapper is the surprise of this ranking. On Twitter it is very present with its 2.66 million followers, especially when it comes to expressing their opinions and reflections on current social and political issues. On average, its contents get over 15,700 interactions.

9. Andrea Pirlo. The 2006 world champion is also a new entry in this ranking. With his 2.92 million followers, he mostly shares news of his sporting activity and, sporadically, also shows photos of his own family. On average, his posts receive over 13,100 interactions.


8. Aaron Ramsey. The current Juventus midfielder on Twitter has 3.22 million followers with whom he shares the most important moments of his matches, albeit less frequently than he does on Instagram.

7. Matteo Renzi. The only politician in the ranking is the leader of Italia Viva who shares his views and the proposals of his party. Its 3.34 million followers have not undergone significant changes five months after the last survey.

6. Laura Pausini. The most popular Italian singer abroad shares with her 3.39 million followers the special moments that characterize her professional and family life.

5. Gianluigi Buffon. The former Juventus goalkeeper on Twitter has 3.54 million followers. As on other social networks, here you will find photos and reflections related to the games played.

4. Lorenzo Jovanotti. With 3.73 million followers Lorenzo shares tweets of some of his best songs and is used to retweet content made by other singers or artists in the entertainment world.


3. Juan Cuadrado. Still a Juventus player who loves Twitter. Cuadrado uses this social network essentially to share his thoughts on the games just played with 3.9 million followers.

2. Pedro Rodriguez. The Lazio striker has a Twitter profile followed by 4.8 million followers. Like other players, he publishes content related to matches, training and his career.


1. Valentino Rossi. With 5.5 million followers, the most loved motorcyclist in Italy shares on Twitter, as well as on Instagram and Facebook, especially the images of the races, of the pits and behind the scenes. Few words but many photos that send his supporters into raptures. On average, his posts get 5,200 interactions.

* Vincenzo Cosenza he is marketing expert and CMO from Buzzoole: he writes about the cross between marketing and technology on his blog vincos.it


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