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Train strike, no revocation by the unions. But MIT is considering reducing hours

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The table at the Ministry of Transport, convened by Minister Matteo Salvini, with the representatives of Trenitalia and Italo and the trade unions, who confirmed tomorrow’s strike by the personnel of the two companies, ended in stalemate. But MIT, according to what theAnsawould be ready to send the unions a provision on abstentions: the hypothesis would be that of a reduction in the duration of the strike. “There are no margins for a revocation of the railway transport strike proclaimed by the categories starting from tonight”, said the general secretary of the Cisl Luigi Sbarra after the meeting with Salvini. “In any case, long-distance trains will be insured and guaranteed, as well as regional railway services on certain time slots: from 6 to 9, from 18 to 21”.

The reasons for the strike

“The reasons for the mobilization and the strike can all be attributed to the unavailability, for a long time, of companies, starting with Trenitalia, Ntv, handling companies linked to airport services, to compete in the field of trade union relations, work organization , investments, employment and above all the renewal of contracts”, explained Sbarra, according to which the companies “have not given any sign of willingness to resume discussions with the union”. “We have been waiting for the renewal of the contract for the handling workers for six years; in Trenitalia there are unsustainable workloads which do not correspond to the necessary adjustment of employment levels. The hope is that the companies are preparing for the recovery of the negotiated for an agreement that satisfies the requests of the trade unions and workers. Minister Salvini has undertaken to schedule a meeting in the next few hours with the managing directors of the companies and with our federations. It is certainly a good initiative, also to avoid further recourse to other mobilizations in an important and delicate summer season. But tomorrow’s strike remains confirmed”.

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