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two doctors acquitted. “It was just bad luck”

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two doctors acquitted.  “It was just bad luck”

She was 34 and she was beautiful, but perhaps that wasn’t enough for her, in a society that too often considers and values ​​only the outward appearance. And maybe that’s exactly why she had decided to undergo three little ‘tweaks’ of Cosmetic Surgery in a single procedure, in a specialized clinic. More than a new beginning, for Silvia it was the beginning of the end: it is dead after nearly three months of coma.

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The tragedy of Silvia

Silvia Idalia Serrano, on April 26, she had some ‘tweaks’ done in the European Medical-Aesthetic Center in Madrid. Admitted to the clinic, the young woman was discharged the next day, despite the fact that she suffered from severe pain. For the doctors, however, it was a normal pain associated with the postoperative course. Instead, she Silvia had been struck by a very serious infection, which had led her to hospitalization in intensive care and induced coma. The 34-year-old had only gotten out of it in July, a few weeks before she died, on the 31st of that month.

The investigations

Silvia’s family, after her death, had immediately filed a complaint, accusing the doctors of serious negligence. The investigators had begun to investigate both the doctor who had performed the operation and an assistant to her. The accusation of culpable injury had turned into manslaughter after Silvia’s death, but the clinic defended itself by claiming that the operation had taken place without any complications.

The decision of the judges

But then, what led to Silvia’s death? The girl, immediately after the operation, had been the victim of a bacterial infection. And it is precisely for what the magistrates decided to investigate the clinic and the doctors who had subjected the 34-year-old to cosmetic surgery. The judges, as reported by 20minutos.es, after the investigation, however, decided for the acquittal: “There was no negligence during the operation nor during the subsequent treatments.” And even the experts and medical examiners confirm the decision of the judges: “The complications experienced by the woman are the result of an unfortunate and highly fatal pathological condition, subsequent to the operation”.

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