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Ukraine, the suggestions of pediatricians for the reception of children on the run

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Ukraine, the suggestions of pediatricians for the reception of children on the run

In addition to a warm welcome, children fleeing Ukraine and arriving in Italy also need the best health care possible, based on scientific evidence. This is why the Technical Table for Infectious Diseases and Vaccinations and the National Working Group for Migrant Children of the Italian Society of Pediatrics they have developed a sort of vademecum for structures, organizations and all those involved in welcoming children.

The family pediatrician. The children who arrived in Italy have right to be assigned a pediatricianwith the “STP code” (foreigner temporarily present) which allows them to have the same rights as Italian children for access to health services.

The medical visit. The pups must be examined for an evaluation of the nutritional status, the cardiorespiratory system (with the measurement of blood pressure) and the state of the skin for the identification of ectoparasitosis. Sip’s suggestion is to also evaluate the presence of symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting or itching, which can signal a parasitosis. In addition, the presence of signs and symptoms of anemia should be monitored by offering, if necessary, a blood count to evaluate the general state of health.

Covid screening. Within 48 hours of arrival in our country, it is necessary to exclude contagion with antigenic or molecular nasopharyngeal swabs according to current legislation, and to be given the opportunity to be vaccinated against Covid.

Routine vaccinations. They must be carried out on the basis of age, according to the calendar of the National Vaccine Prevention Plan in force in Italy, trying to reconstruct, when possible, the vaccination scheme to which the minor has been subjected.

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Screening for tuberculosis. In Ukraine the incidence of this pathology is very high: Screening is recommended. In children with a persistent cough for more than two weeks, a chest X-ray and subsequent further diagnostic tests are recommended.

Right to be heard. Children must also be provided with psychological support, promoting family reunification as soon as possible. Cultural mediators, with specific health skills, must support the relationship between the doctor and the child patient.

Placement in school. The SIP also recommends a rapid insertion of children in the school environment, precisely to promote language learning and integration social.

An e-mail address has also been activated ([email protected]) which can be contacted for advice from SIP experts in case of doubts or difficulties.

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