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Underpaid doctors? The response of Argentine specialists

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Underpaid doctors?  The response of Argentine specialists

Argentine Doctors in Friuli Respond to Underpaid Claims

After a recent report on Rete4 alleging that Argentine doctors working in Friuli are underpaid, the group of South American specialists has come forward to address the issue with an official statement.

In their response, the doctors expressed their disappointment with the claims, stating that they are in fact hired on regular permanent contracts with salaries that exceed 4,000 euros per month on average. They clarified that they have guaranteed rest breaks, holidays, and rarely work more hours than expected. They also emphasized their professional qualifications and experience, refuting any claims that they are inferior doctors.

The doctors went on to explain the reasons for their professional choice to work in Friuli, highlighting the transparent nature of the agreement with their employer Salvatore Guarneri. They mentioned that the company covered their arrival expenses, provided accommodation, and ensured stability for at least three years. They also praised Guarneri for his support and defense of them against attacks and prejudices.

Describing themselves as a united team, the doctors emphasized their strong relationship with each other and their integration into the Friuli community. They mentioned engaging in leisure activities together and enrolling their children in local schools, expressing their happiness with the stable employment provided by their contracts.

Overall, the doctors of E-Health in Friuli have refuted claims of being underpaid and exploited, painting a picture of a supportive work environment and a strong sense of community among themselves. Their statement sheds light on the positive aspects of their professional experience in Italy, challenging the negative narratives portrayed in the media.

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