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Three Hungarians had to be rescued

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Three Hungarians had to be rescued

Three Hungarian citizens, two women (55 and 23 years old) and one man (24 years old) were traveling in the Rax area on Saturday. They started their mountain tour at lunchtime. The group arrived at the Karl-Ludwig-Haus at around 2:15 p.m., but the weather deteriorated due to increasing fog and wind.

Despite the bad weather, the group decided to continue descending. The three Hungarians took a wrong turn, which resulted in them ending up in rugged, sloping terrain.

Mountain rescue found those in distress hypothermic

At around 4 p.m. they made an emergency call and the police helicopter flew off. However, due to the bad weather, no rescue effort could be undertaken from the air. An Alpine police officer and 17 mountain rescue teams went up to save the Hungarians. At this time, the women and the man were already severely hypothermic and weakened.

The Hungarians received first aid and the group was accompanied into the valley by mountain rescuers. All people remained uninjured.

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