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Usa: Trump counterattacks but will be on trial in the primaries – World

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Usa: Trump counterattacks but will be on trial in the primaries – World

“The only crime I’ve ever committed it was defending America from those who want to destroy it. My indictment is an insult to the United States“. Donald Trump returns to his Mar-a-Lago bunker a few hours after he surrendered to the New York court to hear the 34 charges against him in the Stormy Daniels case and his supporters gathered in one of the resort’s halls, attacking President Biden and accusing the Democrats of using justice as a weapon: “They want to interfere in our elections already under siege”.

Trump: ‘My only crime was defending America from those who want to destroy it’

A speech of just over half an hour, during which the tycoon appeared tried and less combative than usual. An unprecedented day in US history and the accusation castle of the prosecutor Alvin Bragg who accused him of an attempt of “conspiracy to undermine the integrity of the 2016 presidential elections” by buying the silence of the porn star, seems to have weighed on the former president’s usual aggressiveness. of former Playboy bunny Karen McDougal and a Trump Tower doorman threatening to reveal his alleged illegitimate child. However, the tycoon has not given up on launching the usual attacks against his accusers and the “corrupt judicial system, which has now become illegal”, despite the warning from the New York prosecutor not to incite violence.

Melania and Ivanka absent from the stage
“I never thought something like this could happen in America,” Trump said, as his supporters yelled “Usa, Usa!”. On stage with the former president, his sons Eric and Donald jr, while his wife Melania, who also accompanied him to Manhattan, and his daughter and former councilor, Ivanka were absent. After reiterating that all the investigations against him are “political persecutions”, the tycoon covered with insults
one by one the prosecutors involved: from Bragg, “paid by George Soros”, to Letitia James to Jack Smith, engaged in the investigation into the top secret papers brought from the White House to Mar-a-Lago, which he defined as a “crazy” . All, according to the former president, are tools of the “radical left” who aim to “stop him at any cost”. The investigation by the Atlanta, Georgia prosecutor’s office is also “a false case to interfere in the
2024 election and should be filed immediately” for Trump who called the phone call in which he lobbied to overturn the 2020 vote in that state “perfect”.

He then moved on to attack Joe Biden and his former opponent Hillary Clinton for ‘gate email’. “He wants a third world war”, thundered Trump against the American president, arguing that “when he was a senator he did all sorts of things but nobody arrested him”. Before going on stage at his resort, the former president had reiterated for the umpteenth time that, in the case for which he was indicted in Manhattan, “nothing was done illegally” accusing Bragg “of having shut down New York, mobilized 38.00 agents and spent $200,000 of city funds on a $130,000 legal non-disclosure agreement.” It is a “sham” investigation, he attacked Trump in a phone call with his supporters returning from New York, assuring his supporters that “we have been winning for eight years and will continue to win”.

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The fake mugshot T-shirts
The ex-president’s campaign now offers among other gadgets too the t-shirts with the (false) mugshot of the tycoon and the words ‘Not guilty’ (Not Guilty) in large letters. Those who subscribe to the mailing list and donate $47 will be given free. There are many other items in the online store, from hoodies decorated with photographs of Joe Biden falling down the stairs to bumper stickers with the slogan ‘Trump had
right about everything.

But the tycoon is not the only one to take advantage of it. The hard actress who nailed it also did it: among her latest gadgets a sweatshirt that shows Trump dancing in front of the words ‘happy indictment day’ (happy indictment day). But Stormy also sells $30 pet toys made in Trump’s likeness, $20 “#TeamStormy” T-shirts, and a $25 “Space Force” comic that pokes fun at one of Trump’s most mocked ideas.

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