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The American extreme right has a new hero | The weekly country

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The American extreme right has a new hero |  The weekly country

Bronze Age Pervert, the masked vigilante of the ultra-conservative blogosphere, has taken social networks by storm with his unapologetic praise of the “civilized universe of Greco-Latin heritage” and admiration for tennis player Novak Djokovic as the epitome of uncontaminated masculinity and “supremacy of the Slavic man.” Known for his book “Bronze Age Mindset,” which has become essential reading for the American radical right, the man behind the digital mask has been revealed as Costin Alamariu, a 43-year-old Romanian graduate in Philosophy.

Publications like Bloomberg, National Review, and Politico have echoed Bronze Age Pervert’s provocations and ravings, drawing attention to his successful self-published book. Politico editor Rosie Gray has been following his trail for years and uncovered his true identity as Alamariu, who disappeared in 2018, opting to embrace his avatar as a thunderous bodybuilder fiercely opposed to feminism and democracy.

Graeme Wood of The Atlantic delved further into Alamariu’s past, revealing his rebellious streak from a young age and his strong interest in far-right ideologies, philosophy, and “values of Western civilization.” Despite his controversial views, he has gained followers on social media, including former President Donald Trump, and has found supporters among his advisors.

Bronze Age Pervert’s larger-than-life persona and extreme beliefs have captivated a segment of the population in this era of heightened politicization, showcasing the allure of a figure who straddles the worlds of intellectualism and popular culture. His unorthodox approach to cultural and political agitating has earned him a following, making him a figure to watch in the world of ultra-conservative thought leaders.

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