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Use bay leaf to lower blood sugar with this method

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Use bay leaf to lower blood sugar with this method

Glycemia, for the uninitiated, designates the amount of glucose that we find in the blood, this sugar is a basic energy resource for our body. Blood glucose levels depend on the glucose introduced into the body through nutrition, hormonal regulation and the body’s supply.

The balance in the concentration of glucose in the blood is in charge of two hormones: glucagon and insulin. For a diabetic, one of the more notable goals is to keep their blood sugar within the normal range as much as possible throughout the day.

To this end, it is essential to carry out daily self-monitoring of blood glucose levels, through a series of daily operations that go under the name of self-control. Blood glucose is almost always asymptomatic or insufficiently symptomatic. The classic disturbances of increased diuresis and consequently of thirst or involuntary weight loss generally appear for high and prolonged values ​​of hyperglycemia over time. Today we will see how to lower blood sugar levels through a very good medical plant, bay leaf.

Use bay leaf to lower blood sugar with this method

In fact, bay leaves are full of nutrients, containing vitamins C and A, folic acid and essential minerals such as selenium, copper, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium and calcium. These active ingredients make laurel an ally of well-being, also perfect against diabetes.

Scientific studies have proven that these magical leaves are excellent for controlling the level of glucose in the blood in subjects with type 2 diabetes. In fact, antioxidants work directly on the production of insulin, regulating it.

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This plant is also excellent for keeping cholesterol and triglycerides at bay. By supporting heart health and enabling us to prevent life-threatening diseases such as stroke and heart attack. Thanks to the flavonoids, bay leaves are also recommended for those suffering from high blood pressure and to increase the immune system. Finally, various active ingredients contained in bay leaves can refine heart performance and help prevent strokes and heart attacks.

The flavonoids that the plant is full of help in normalizing the pressure in hypertensive patients. So this magical plant is incredibly indispensable for our body. If you suffer from hyperglycemia, use it to lower blood glucose levels in a completely natural way.

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