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Virgin Gym Secures Space in Former Rinascente Building in Exchange for Investment in Carrara Castle

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Virgin Gym Secures Space in Former Rinascente Building in Exchange for Investment in Carrara Castle

Title: Municipality Signs Agreement for Renovations and Investment in Historical Building

Subtitle: Tobacco Family and Municipality strike a deal to facilitate entry for Virgin gym in ex Rinascente building

Date: [Current Date]

In a significant development, the Municipality has announced the sale of the constraint on the last level of the historic ex Rinascente building, situated in the heart of the city. The building, known for its architectural beauty, has been a subject of interest for the local authorities for several years now.

According to sources, the Municipality has entered into an agreement with the Tobacco family, the owners of the ex Rinascente building, to allow the Virgin gym to establish its presence in the iconic structure, following extensive renovations. As part of the deal, the Municipality will receive an investment of nearly 1.5 million euros, enabling them to relocate the bar and exhibition space, currently on the last level of the building, to the Carrara Castle.

The decision to sell the constraint on the last level of the ex Rinascente building marks a significant milestone for both parties involved. For more than twenty years, the side part of the bar has been utilized for exhibitions, and the move will not only generate substantial investment but also enhance the cultural offerings of the Carrara Castle.

Speaking about the agreement, a representative from the Municipality declared, “It is a very important result that will not only bring in much-needed investment but also allow us to provide a more optimized and modern space for exhibitions at the Carrara Castle.”

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The addition of the Virgin gym to the ex Rinascente building is anticipated to be a major attraction for fitness enthusiasts and residents alike. The strategic location in the city center, combined with the historical significance of the building, is expected to be a drawing point for the gym’s customers.

Both the Municipality and the Tobacco family believe that this collaboration is a win-win situation for all parties involved. While the Municipality will have the opportunity to revitalize the Carrara Castle, the Tobacco family will benefit from the increased footfall and potential revenue generation due to the Virgin gym’s presence.

The Municipality has been diligently working towards preserving and enhancing the city’s historical landmarks. This agreement not only contributes to the restoration of the ex Rinascente building but also sets a precedent for future collaborations between private entities and the local government.

As the renovation work begins on the ex Rinascente building and plans for relocating the bar and exhibition space to the Carrara Castle take shape, residents and tourists alike can look forward to a new and exciting era for this historical site.

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